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VXX Caused Immune System Damage Is Allowing Monkey Pox and Shingles to Spread

stock here: another Epiphany, or one that at least ramped up in importance…there are quite a bit of “Controlled Opposition” that speak many truths in annoying ways. Annoying so that the brain dead libs, taken over by the bulk of propganda, also hate the controlled opposition and thus will also hate their message even if the message is beyond obvious truth. Richard Branson, X22 Report, Juan O’ Savin. Fox News is perhaps the worst of the controlled opposition.

Some have mentioned Lauren Southern, with the kicker being that she is labelled as Far Right by Wikipedia, but has not been deplatformed or defunded anywhere.

John Rolls, with his scary face, gets a ton of air-play on Before Its News and is always pushing an overly scary message, as well as an annoying presentation method. He may be just a self promoter, but being controlled opposition is certainly possible.

A very tangled web they have woven…..

When the chips are down, the controlled opposition will distort the truth or go full on opposite of the truth. When Fox and the rest of the MSM are telling the same story, you can rest assured that it is a lie AND that it is important to their real goals and narratives.

Anyone got more Controlled Opposition? Drop them in comments and I will add after a review.

Seen on the internet…….

I’m certain that the Monkeypox outbreak is due to immune system failure caused by the Covid ‘vaccine’ so it occurred to me that what better way to obfuscate that fact than to come up with some story about how HIV, so prevalent in the Gay community, has ridden piggyback on the Monkeypox virus, either literally or through mutation, and spread throughout the world that way. This would provide the perfect cover story for the huge wave of immune system failures which will become so commonplace in the near future as to be no longer concealable. The official story will be something like: “Monkeypox carried the HIV gene with it when it spread beyond the Gay community and that was what led to this disaster. Now we need to prevent further spreading, this will require lockdowns and heavy restrictions on personal interactions and sexual activity”.

Anecdotal evidence shows that there is a large increase in Cancers that show up as “stage 4”, Stage 4 being all but too late for most people. Immune system failure. ADE

I do not consider YouTube as controlled opposition, they are clear cut opposition. Going through some Reddit posts (they are a whole different matter, of partly waken folks, not quite ready to take the whole cold plunge) on Depopulation, many of the provided video links are no longer available. YouTube is heavily redacting anything that tells the truth about De-population.

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I’ll venture a 2nd nominee, Stock. Dr Michael Yeadon started out as a former Pfizer V P of Vax research, capably pointing out policy flaws & Vax dangers. Seems like he was a Trojan horse to be kept for misdirection purposes, should the narrative be in trouble.
Dr Yeadon’s recent adoption of “there is no virus”, serves to create division, attempts to dilute tracking & (further) verifying the virus & [possibly also divert additional confirmation of] Vax construction before any announced outbreak.
I will include a 2nd link where the point man for “there is no virus”, Dr Tom Cowen, is taken down by the host & his guest. Dr Cowen segment starts @ 49:17
It starts w/ Cowen relating a ridiculous breakfast .. it’s worth it for the humor.. then the science breaking the supposed argument is addressed.

That one is a bit too long for me to review, if you have a suggested timeframe of the meat of the argument, please advise. All these characters are suspect, especially Yeadon, he just looks weird.

Or some of the toxins from vaxxes always exit through the skin?
Could it be exacerbated by specific resonant frequencies from man made EMF radiation sources in the gigahertz ranges?

I have not educated myself enough on EMF, and have just the Gauss meter at this time. I do believe that specific EMF could be used to “trigger” nano-particles delivered in whatever manner, aerosols or injections and maybe other pathways. “They” snuffed the lives out of at least 60,000 of our Kupuna (elders), suffocating them, alone and afraid, in order to bulk up their death numbers. What else might they do?

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