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Mass Genocide and Replace US With AI and Robots

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In the Luciferian religion, Fauci is likely a high priest for delivering a “plausibly deniable” mass-genocide, where few but the abandoned elderly in unsupervised settings were held down and injected in the US. 

Besides the crime against humanity, and fear, the best of our nature was utilized against us. “Do it to protect others.” and “Vaccine Selfies”, etc. – this is really the diabolical aspect.

Today, with over 90% of the population purportedly “double vaxxed”, news media is now reporting that New Zealanders are 7x more sick than pre covid – but “it’s not covid” – and they are puzzled as to why. 


Jacinda, leaving the offices of Blackrock.

Newly formed tech companies with connections to US intelligence agencies and the CFR are purportedly bringing us the mRNA ingredients found in the latest batch of jabs this fall.

You could tell this was some type of operation from the early days in Wuhan, where direct flights from IAD and LAX were ongoing during their peak – with the crowded medical corridors filled with Chinese shoulder to shoulder to be “tested” for a “highly infectious” and deadly “asymptomatic”  disease. Later on, at Disneyland of all places, a mass injection site.

I deleted nearly 3,000 “friends” on social media, some I knew for 40 years, because they were either hysterical or launching public ad hominem attacks in the face of logic. I can’t help but wonder now if some of those who refused any other narrative have deleted themselves in the real world.

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