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Ultimate Irony, VXX’d Blaming the UnVXX For Sickness and now Morbidity

stock here, seen on net.

Li McGee
Mar 181) For me, it went like this. In the beginning, it was hard to miss those who worked into the convo they took the vaxxx, w the dual purpose of showing pride and outing those who didn’t respond in kind. Then, all pumped up by propaganda and ea other, only the nicest didn’t feel free to think, and most likely say out loud, the unvaxxxed were Granma killers. They justified their disdain, resentment and unusually hateful feelings w the solid belief that the unvaxxxed were scared, weak or otherwise purposely not doing their part and were to blame for those who got sick, especially when the first breakthroughs started. The vaxxxed ate up that they no longer had to keep up the lie they felt great all the time, while also doing their part to continue blaming the unvaxxxed. With even the mass media announcing herd immunity in Aug 2021 due to the NATURAL immunity of masses of unvaxxxed, most of which didn’t experience any symptoms, the race was on to get C should the great unvaxxxed have something over them. Breakthroughs were a good thing, they were double immune!5ReplyCollapse
Li McGeeMar 18·edited Mar 242) To today, their guiding light, the media, has run out of ways to keep the vaxxxed on the side of right and make the unreasonable reasonable, so it has abandoned C for a new narrative. Hello to proudly wearing a mask AND turquoise blue and yellow. All that hate, judging, blame and anger being redirected toward Mother R while it’s getting harder to deny that nagging neck ache, friends’ weird ailments and actually dying for a cause that is at the end of its news cycle, about to be abandoned all together. They are realizing they may have given their life, and promoted their friends giving their lives, for a cause that no longer exists, that may not have ever existed at all. They were fooled, big time. I can’t imagine being a parent who shot their kid w pride. Gosh forbid, instead of continuing to follow the media, they should look inward, acknowledge the ugliness festering there, and let it pass out of them instead of just redirecting. Fortunately, it seems more and more are tired of being told they need to hate and comply to stay in the club.4ReplyCollapse
Li McGeeMar 183) Those still trying to not be wrong and cluster w what was once their like minded brethren are going to have less and less people to cling to until only the truly deranged, not just brainwashed, are still in denial. That will be full circle, the end, when there is a total flip of who is considered crazy.

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