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Calculating The Odds of the End of the World Via A Normal Curve of the 12,000 Year Cycle

stock here. I did this work quickly a month or so back right before a family event. Several members of my family are followers of space weather, vulcanism, and disaster history. So this was well received even though a bit sobering.

Interesting guy, technically dead 30 minutes, and visited Heaven, Somewhat like my Dad a day after getting the first Jab and dying after his emergency operation (he came back too)

For all those wondering whether Jesus is going to return to earth to Clean House on all the Klaus Schwab and Rockefeller / Davos types…..the odds are about 100,000 to one.    But the Solar Micro-Nova of our Local Yellow Dwarf could certainly be “the Great Reset”.    Perhaps the ruling elite psychopaths are justly and simply culling the herd because the chances of any human survival after the Micro-nova would be so low with current population size…maybe they are just “doing what has to be done”.    How is that for Stockholm Syndrome?

I took a stab at running the odds on the Micro-Nova.    There are important 1500 year cycles related to the Sun, and 3000, 6000, and 12000 cycles.    The 12,000 year cycles coincide with the magnetic sign change of the Galactic Current sheet which is not a fine line but more a band of estimated 200 years and we are in that band as our Earths Magnetic Poles are rocketing out of position.

The worst years ever were 536AD and 537AD (mass famines caused by temperature drops, look it up) and that was the last 1500 year cycle events, add 1500 years bring us to year 2036, the midpoint of the next 1500 year cycle, but also happens to this time also be the 12,000 year cycle.   Since the 12,000 year cycle seems to vary over the last 100,000 years between 11,500 and 12,500 I set that as my 2 sigma for my first shot at getting excel to create a Normal Curve, and used the same deviations for the 1500 year cycle.    So the earliest we could have expected the 1500 year event would be 1973 and the latest realistic date around 2090.

Since the 1500 year event did not happen in 1973 up to now….I had to adjust my future projections by allocating the past “unused” probability into the future years.   Spreadsheet attached.

Bottom line, by 2036 there is a 51% of the 1,500 year and also the 12,000 event occurring

By 2052 there is a 75% chance of the 1500/12000 event

Recurrent Nova are “a thing” they are well studied and documented.    So get your soul right, as the real Great Reset might make a mockery of the Human Great Reset that they are currently engineering the scarcity of food, energy, and safety.

But the real bottom line?   If someone offers you a bit of fine Whisky, the right answer is Hell Yes

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