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Was China Complicit In The Roll Out Of Scary Pandemic? YES, Remember the Videos in Feb 2020, Spray Trucks, Instant Deaths on The Sidewalk, Body Bags Lining The Halls

stock here: I would like to have 20 videos posted here, and I am asking YOU to find them and send a link via comments or direct to my email if you have it already. THANKS!!

This is still on YouTube, trying a different method to Embed a Video. WordPress is confusing, sometimes you need to add as code, sometimes as HTML, this is a direct add.
Here is another video, showing police in full hazmat violently arresting people in their homes

One of the Bullshit Scary videos put out by the Chinese to Kick Off the Corona Coordinated Attack on America

Send in a bunch more. Bitchute search was unsucessful.

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