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reddit: A Review of What “They” Really Think Like

stock here: oh boy, I feel like I need a shower. I spent an hour over at reddit, mostly on “articles” derived from emails sent to a private Proton Mail account.

Drop a comment if you want to expose the fallacies of the “argument” below. LOL “That’s why deplatforming works so well”.

There are some deep thinkers in there. Except for one fact, is that they ignore all the facts. This guy even mentions the Soros but ignores the fact that Soros is definitely funding policies and helping to elect people like Kim Gardner who is a massive piece of shit.

I wonder how long it is before I am banned completely from reddit?


Rule No. 1 in right-wing populism: Always make your base feel like they’re normal and everyone but a handful of degenerates agrees with them.

That’s the thing about authoritarian follower types – they have this deep need to fit in and hate thinking for themselves, so they’ll bend to popular opinion … unless you lock them in an echo chamber and bombard them with disinformation until they believe the opinion you want them to have is the popular one.

That’s why deplatforming works so well. No, it won’t deter the ones that are deeply invested in the narrative that they’re special for being “redpilled”, but those authoritarian follower types which make up the vast majority of the political right are extremely susceptible to the Overton Window. If they’re primarily exposed to more moderate rhetoric, they’ll adopt more moderate stances. If they’re frequently exposed to more extreme rhetoric, they’ll start voicing more extreme stances.

There’s a reason right-wing media constructs these elaborate narratives about how the (((liberal elites))) in their ivory towers use cultural Marxism to control mainstream media, big corporations and the scientific establishment, because that’s the only way they can effectively maintain the illusion that progressive, left-leaning liberalism isn’t the most popular ideology in the entire Global North right now, and that radical leftist movements are arising organically, actually representing the will of the people rather than being crisis actors hired by George Soros.

It’s also why they throw such a hissy fit every time a progressive idea becomes so successfully mainstreamed, even capitalist institutions pretend to adopt them for marketing purposes. It’s clearly not because taking that sweet, sweet Gay Money no longer means missing out on the Straight Money, it’s because those ultrawealthy capitalists are all part of some shadowy cabal trying to force-feed everyone bugs, inject them with microchips and autism, rape their children, and butcher their genitals for fun.

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