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“Died Suddenly” Facebook Page

stock here. This Facebook page is growing rapidly. I suspect it will be closed down shortly.

stock here: This topic is certainly striking a chord.    To me the excess death from the jabs in all their forms has been obvious from the begining.   Here is a place where over 200,000 people are talking about the deaths in their family and friends after the jabs.

My estimate is that about 3 Million US citizens have already been killed by the Jabs.    I can’t call it murder, because it was self inflicted.    Although it was the greatest psy-op ever pulled by mankind, and on mankind, still….it is shameful about those that fell for this narrative that was #FaF Fishy as Fuck out of the gate.   

stock here: first posted the screen cap about 2 hours ago. Since then 1200 new members have been approved.

10 new members per minute, 1 every 6 seconds.

Death is going viral, so to speak.

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