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Preparing for Disaster — MicroNova of Our Local Yellow Dwarf

stock here: Been working pretty consistent and hard. Every asset one has should be in workable and sellable condition. Your backup energy systems should be tested. If you have significant amounts of savings, do not worry so much about making more money. Instead, spend money on things that improve your life and position.


This one from Suspicious0bservers. 113,000 views, that is pretty good. But then the bullshit NBC nightly news get 666,000 views. Besides working hard and working out pretty regularly, I have treated myself to the late 1960s era of Planet of the Apes. Funny that the girl was named Nova, maybe they knew back then. After all the first Astronauts on the moon were looking for signs of glassified rocks….products of the micro-nova. Here’s to Nova!

The Video is Prepping by SO

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