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Mathis Weighs In On Fake Trials of Controlled Opposition Alex Jones, Voice Everyone Loves to Hate, and Decreased Fertility

stock here, copied in full. Methinks Mathis shall soon be censored completely.



Alex Jones’ Second Fake Trial
First published September 17, 2022

In case you didn’t know, there is a second Jones trial for defamation against Sandy Hook parents in
Connecticut right now. That’s weird, right, since we see him in his newsroom every day, doing his

How can he be in two places at once? Is he twins? Scary thought, eh?
He just lost the first and separate jury trial a couple of weeks ago, with a judgment against him for
$49.5 million. There were also previous Sandy Hook suits he (allegedly) lost in what Wikipedia admits
were default judgments, which also doesn’t make sense because he should have been able to request a
jury trial for any defamation case.

A jury should have had to find against him, but instead we are told it was a default judgment, which is entered by the judge, not the jury. No jury found against him.
In the second trial, we are told he has not defaulted, since the trial is ongoing. We have seen video of
that trial as well. Which means he should be there physically in court. And yet we see him everyday
on his show. Are we supposed to believe he is flying from Texas to Connecticut and back everyday, or
has he set up a duplicate studio adjacent to the courtroom?

I have dismissed both trials as fake, and we were given perfect proof of that today, when Jones himself
reported that the judge declared him guilty during courtroom proceedings—which is of course highly
illegal. Here is what she said to his attorney, after interrupting him for the millionth time during
questioning of a witness:
“If it’s not clear – wouldn’t be the first time – and you’ll move for an articulation, and I’ll
articulate when I’m directed to by the appellate court. I understand that there will be an
appeal, I assume-” Bellis explained before Pattis chimed in.
Whoops. If this were a real trial, a mistrial would have to be called right there, since the judge has just
exhibited extreme prejudice, prejudging the outcome before full testimony. If a real jury had been
sitting there, they would have all gasped at once. Jones’ attorney Pattis should have demanded a
mistrial immediately, but he didn’t. None of that happened, because—as I have been telling you—this
is not a real trial. It is not a “kangaroo court” either, since a kangaroo court is a real trial that is rigged.
This isn’t a real trial, it is a fake CIA trial run in some studio.
Another thing that doesn’t make any sense is that we see Jones commenting on his own trial everyday
on his site. That is also illegal. Parties in a lawsuit are not allowed to discuss the case outside the
courtroom until it is over. Why? Because it might influence the outcome. Jurors might go online and
see him making his case. He is supposed to be making his case in the courtroom, not on his site. If this
suit were real, the judge would immediately sequester the jury and put a gag order on Jones, to prevent
this from happening. That isn’t happening why? Because they want this fake trial to be publicized as
widely as possible, even by Jones himself, especially to Jones’ audience. The whole point of these fake
trials is to scare people like you and me into silence. It is a bluff. They want us to believe we are about
to be sued or otherwise prosecuted for talking or writing. We are supposed to believe we will be hit
with a $45 million judgment for giving an opinion. We are supposed to believe the First Amendment
no longer exists, I guess.
They did this first with Jim Fetzer, who allegedly had a large judgment against him on the same SandyHook event. No word on whether he has actually paid that. I believe he has claimed poverty, forcing
Pozner to seize his book copyrights. Fetzer allegedly appealed his case all the way to the Supreme
Court. Guffaw. Problem is, I looked up the Supreme Court case, and it also looks fake. The first clue
here is that Wikipedia’s page on Fetzer has no mention of this entire lawsuit, though you would think it
would be a big deal. Although there is a section on his “conspiracy theories”, there is not one word on
Sandy Hook, either his book or his trials. As for that document I just linked at supremecourt.gov, it has
the form of an appeal to the Supreme Court, but has no case number and publishes only the appendices.
I found another Supreme Court document dated August 31, 2022 (about two weeks ago) that is equally
fishy, since it isn’t written in the expected language. I guess we are supposed to believe Fetzer wrote it
himself, with no help from an attorney. That form is addressed to Justice Barrett, but Fetzer refiled it a
week later to Justice Gorsuch. He also must have filed a similar appeal on May 16, since that is the
date of the appendices linked above. I finally found it here, and it is not addressed to any specific
Justice. So it looks to me like Fetzer is making himself look stupid on purpose, peppering the Supreme
Court with multiple and poorly written appeals. He has become an Anti. First he questions the Sandy
Hook event, then blackwashes himself. It’s textbook. If you will remember, Fetzer tried to rope me
into this mess, asking for permission to use my research in his book on Sandy Hook. I said no, not
because I was afraid of a lawsuit, but because I didn’t want to be tarnished by association with Fetzer.
Good call, eh?
Anyway, on page 20 of the Aug. 31 document, we discover Fetzer’s outcome in Wisconsin was a
summary judgment without jury, which again is illegal. This document even admits that, since in such
cases the defendant is allowed to request a trial by jury. Fetzer brings up the 14th Amendment, which
concerns equal protection, and the fact that Wisconsin’s summary judgment method does not match that
of Texas, for example. We are supposed to believe no one in a libel case in Wisconsin has ever
obtained a trial by jury, I guess.
But the document admits what we already know:
Even though both Texas and Wisconsin have a right to trial by jury in their state constitutions it
is not protected equally in the summary judgment methodologies practiced in the two states.
The right to a trial by jury is in the Wisconsin state constitution.
That being true, there is no possibility Fetzer could have suffered a summary judgment and the failure
of two appeals. This whole storyline is impossible from the first word, so this Supreme Court
document should not exist.
As for language, I send you to page 21, where at the bottom we find this:
The Respondent, Mr. Pozner, has asserted that Dr. Fetzer has “zero” chance of obtaining a
Writ of Certiorari in this Court and prevailing on the 21 merits. The circuit court judge also
said Dr. Fetzer had a one-in-a-million chance: “I will give you this, and I don’t mean to be fip,
but I think you have maybe a one in a million chance of your certiorari being granted. Not
zero. One in a million. But the standard is a substantial likelihood of success on the merits, so
one in a million doesn’t get you there,” (page 19 line 16).
Do you really think Pozner, after supposedly winning this case and two appeals, is going to piss off the
Supreme Court by saying something like that? Pozner and his attorneys were supposedly basing thoseodds on their belief that “the 7th Amendment right to trial by jury in common law matters does not
apply to the states.” Really? You see why I am telling you this document is some kind of joke, written
by some bozos in the Langley basements who have never been to law school or even read a law book.
The 7th Amendment doesn’t apply to the states? Who does it apply to, the Moon?
You will tell me Fetzer is the bozo and that anyone can appeal to the Supreme Court. All you have to
do is enter a document. Yes, but the documents refute themselves, not because they prove Fetzer is a
dodo, but because they prove the case could not have proceeded as we are told. Fetzer would never
have waived his right to a trial by jury, and we aren’t even expected to believe he did. We are expected
to believe he wasn’t offered that opportunity, and that neither appeals court noticed that. Of course the
Supreme Court will not hear this case, since I assume they know it isn’t even real. So we will be
expected to believe Fetzer was thrown into the poor house and his copyrights stolen by Pozner with no
jury ever finding against him. They want you to believe that is the fate awaiting you if you analyze,
research, or speak about any major news item. If you disbelieve any mainstream story or call any crisis
actor a crisis actor, you are potentially guilty of defamation.
The trouble was, I ignored the Fetzer trial, knowing it was fake, and it passed under the radar of most
people. So they had to try again with Jones. They needed a much more high profile fake, to hopefully
scare us all silent. But it won’t work with me and I suggest you don’t fall for it, either. Under the First
Amendment, you have a right to question things, including history and the news. You have a right to
do research and to state your findings. And you also have a right to state your conclusions based on
your findings, even if they appear to be wrong. Yes, under the First Amendment, you have a right to be
mistaken. You don’t have to be right about everything in order to talk or write. Nobody is right about
everything. If you were required to be right about everything, science would screech to a halt, since no
one could question current dogma for even a moment. For example, those in charge of Big Bang
theory could sue anyone who questioned it, claiming mental distress. All Nobel Prize winners could
sue anyone who questioned their theories, saying they were in anxiety of losing their status. All
political disagreement could also be squelched, and AOC could sue Tucker Carlson for saying she was
a nitwit. Tucker could then sue Jennifer Lawrence for saying he was a denizen of nightmares.
So you see how the Jones lawsuit ties into all that, since they really are pushing for that sort of
lockdown. Google, Facebook, and Twitter—at the behest of international government—have created a
unilateral version of history and truth, as if everything is now known. If you deviate from that line you
are accused of disinformation and censored. And you now see the turn of the screw: while Jones is
arguing against that sort of censorship on his show, he is taking part in this fake trial that gives it
precedent. In one story he is screaming against censorship, in the next he is a clownish victim of it.
The railer against crisis actors has become the premier crisis actor.*
That’s why I previously said using Jones in this project, in a pair of televised court cases, was very ill
advised. Especially with me lurking to point out all its flaws. It becomes way too easy to blow his
cover. Which is precisely why they just released his book, taking it to the top of the Amazon list and
so on. They need to create new cover and a diversion, to get eyes off the Sandy Hook failure and move
you on. It is hoped the book’s sales numbers will reshine Jones’ reputation, and get your mind off the
fact he just confirmed Sandy Hook as real. I don’t think it will work, since he might as well have
admitted 911 and the Moon landings were as advertised. He is spitting on his own choir, sort of like
Chomsky did after 911. Chomsky destroyed his reputation with that and will never get it back, and
Jones has just done the same thing with Sandy Hook. He is claiming to be between a rock and hard
place with Trump and the vaccines, but the rock Jones is foundering on right now isn’t Trump. It is
Sandy Hook.It occurs to me this all may be planned, with Jones ready to move on to something else after playing the
same role for three decades.* This Sandy Hook fail may be planned to bring Infowars down and allow
Jones to retire. It is probably hoped it will leave a big hole in the Truther movement, though I don’t
think it will. It will just give it more room to breathe. All those herded by Jones for decades will be
free to come over to me, where they can roam all they like, going much further down the rabbit hole
than Jones ever allowed them. He always made it seem like he was way out in front of everyone, but I
have made him look like another brick in the wall from the beginning. Although he sells himself as a
history buff and expert, he won’t touch 95% of my research, preferring to keep you roped in by partisan
politics and daily news. Maybe they hope to replace him by Rogan and others, who are even tamer and
bricker, but that won’t fly. Every pull on the reins from now on will just infuriate the horses more.
*Three days ago Jones admitted in his interview with Del Bigtree at Highwire that his family is stiff with CIA
and government agents (see minute 1:51:40). His maternal grandfather developed a secret weapon for the
Pentagon, his uncle was involved in Iran Contra and other secret flights, and “many other family members” as
well. Jones claims he didn’t know that until recently, but that isn’t really believable. So the question is, why are
we just hearing about it now?
He also admits in that interview that his goal is to semi-retire soon and only appear on air maybe one day a
week. So I predict they will soon spin this Sandy Hook after-event into that, while somehow damaging the
Truther movement at the same time.
He also admits that State Department bigwig Steve Pieczenik confirmed to him that Sandy Hook was a fake,
which of course reminds us that Jones and his attorneys never called any witnesses in any of his Sandy Hook
trials. Jones was in the perfect position to enter all the Sandy Hook evidence of a fake into the court record, but
didn’t even start. That is what you or I would have done, so why didn’t Jones and his attorneys? Why didn’t they
subpoena Pieczenik and hundreds of other researchers, having them read their findings into the court record?
Why didn’t Jones show the jury the film of Robbie Parker giving his notorious fake-crying speech? [I just did a
search for that, and the first thing that came up was ABCNews, which plays the tape with audio only, no video,
and cutting the intro where he gets into character. Proving they are hiding this behind a purple background.
Also notice that even on the ones with video, the only ones that have been left up have the first part covered by
voice over, to hide Robbie saying “just read from the card? OK!”] Why didn’t Jones show the jury the crazy
coroner making his speech, telling us the parents wouldn’t get to see their dead children? Why didn’t Jones enter
the story of Gene Rosen into the record, including the stuffed animals, etc? Why didn’t Jones mention the
admitted use of fake photos in the story, where one lady discovered her living daughter was being included in the
pictures of Sandy Hook dead? Why didn’t Jones mention the changing story about Lanza’s mother working at
the school, and of the dead principal giving a press conference, and of Adam Lanza carrying his brother’s ID,
and of the murder weapon being found in the trunk of the car, though it should have been found with Lanza
inside the school, and of Lanza’s father just happening to be the VP of GE Financial, and of the cars in the
parking lot all being parked in the same direction, and of the FBI reporting zero murders for Newtown, CT, for
2012 on their own site? Why didn’t Jones and his attorneys read into the court record the fake pictures of Emilie
Parker, with analysis by photo professionals? Why didn’t they tell the jury that no physician assistant by the
name of Robert Parker existed at that time in CT? Why didn’t they play Kaitlyn Roig’s interview with Diane
Sawyer, where she claimed there was a bookshelf in the school bathroom? Why didn’t they show the jury all the
websites about Sandy Hook memorials that went up before the event? Why didn’t they remind the jury of all the
drills going on in Newtown in the months leading up the event, some of them at that firehouse directly in front of
the school? Why didn’t they remind the juries of the strange actions of judges at the time, who put gag orders on
everyone, even putting a gag order on the car’s ID? Why didn’t they remind the jury that no forensics was done
at the school, the crime scene being illegally demolished soon thereafter (much like OKCity and 911). We also
have to wonder why Robbie Parker never sued anyone. Surely he suffered the most emotional distress of
anyone, since absolutely no one believed him. Why didn’t he sue Steve Pieczenik, who stated on-air at Infowarsthat Sandy Hook was a fake?
And in other fake news, Politico led reporting of numbers from the CDC claiming sexually transmitted
diseases are on a steep climb. Well, why not believe the CDC? Their Covid and vaccine numbers
were so good, after all.
Syphilis is supposed to be up 26% in 2021. That goes against all expectation, since—due to lockdowns
and other restrictions—we may assume far fewer people were hooking up with strangers. But wait, it
might be true, but only a misreading of data. We would expect a huge fall in numbers from 2019 to
2020, right. So 2020 was an anomaly, with very low numbers. Say syphilis fell 40% from 2019 to
2020, due to lockdowns. The lockdowns eased in 2021, allowing a 26% increase. But that would
mean we were still 14% down from 2019 to 2021. You see how that works?
We are told that 26% is the largest increase since 1953, but that doesn’t mean anything. The increase is
a short term anomaly due to lockdowns, not a long term trend. Which also puts the lie to the title:
‘Sharing’ Economy Continues To Spread: Americans With
STDs Jump 26% To Seven-Decade Highs
Again meaningless, due to population growth. Of course more people have syphilis now than in 1953:
the total population of the US is much larger. The population then was about 155 million then; now it
is 332 million, so we would expect 2.14 times as many people to have syphilis now, even with the same
rate. Due to population growth, we are going to have “record highs” in everything every year.
Everything is now at a “seven-decade high”.
As usual, this is just data pushing. The conclusion is actually upside-down to real data, which no doubt
shows falling rates of STDs, due to falling rates of sex, especially among strangers. So why flip data
on you and misreport this, even at Zerohedge? Population control. Same reason the government just
hit you with a deadly vaccine. Same reason they continue to accelerate the Men-are-Pigs and Woman-
are-Pigs programs, the MGTOW movement, and the split-the-sexes project. Same reason they want
everyone gay or trans. Same reason they overturned Roe v. Wade and put all the screaming women on
the streets with asinine signs like “vasectomies for all men”. Same reason they have put hormone
blockers and mimickers in the food, water, and air. Same reason fertility is dropping like a stone.
Same reason men are getting breasts. They want you afraid of sex, so they tell you STDs are on the
rise when they aren’t. They want you wearing masks and condoms at all times, even when driving
alone in the car.
The truth is, this is the safest time to have unprotected hetero sex in the history of the world. Why?
Many reasons, starting with the fact that fertility rates are so low. Many of you probably couldn’t have
a baby if you tried. If you are a man your sperm has been rendered worthless, due to what you eat,
what you bathe in, what you spray on your lawns, and what you use to polish your car. If you are a
woman your uterus is inhospitable, for similar reasons. And if you aren’t part of the 5% posting porn
videos, you are likely to be semi-frigid, with very few lifetime partners or none, which means your
odds of having or getting an STD are almost zero. If you are one of those people, you probably aren’t
hanging out with dangerous people, you are hanging out with people like yourself: clean as the drivensnow. So you can do whatever you like together, within reason. Use the rhythm method if you are in
your childbearing years and don’t want a child right now, otherwise go crazy. But whatever you choose
to do and whomever you choose to do it with, ignore the government and all its fake numbers. The
CDC now has zero credibility, along with the FDA and all other government agencies. Listen to them
at your own peril. If you follow their advice you will be guaranteed to be miserable, lonely, confused,
and unhealt

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Further to my first comment, here is the infamous explanatory confession of Karl Rove:“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” (Ron Suskind, NYTimes Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004).

SAd but pretty true, we expose the lies and deceptions, and nothing improves. But I don’t believe it is us as empire, it is the super rich and power structures, all got together to agree how to collapse America, make war with Russia, and then share in the degraded spoils, whilst enacting a system in which dissent is not even possible.

Micro-nova great reset LOL like the Planet of the Apes folks worshipping their bomb.

Thank you Stock.

A brilliant brief tour-dissection of prominent examples of the contemporary system of power’s dependence on gaslighting (absurdities repeated with a self-satisfied grin that could not be squelched, or a straight face, or with feigned sincerity, or authoritative certainty) censorship, illogic, lies, red herrings, insanity lauded, common sense derided or criminalized, pretence, and other sundry components of that much maligned fertilizer, BS.

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