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Large Earthquake at the Mauna Loa Magma Chamber! September 4 Prediction for a Rock and Roll Month Has Come True

stock here: if you follows Earthquakes, you know my call was spot on EXCEPT Mauna Loa has not erupted. But this 4.5 at the Magma Chamber means that a significant blockage has been cleared (it is also possible that a significant blockage has been created, but much less likely).

My prediction post Equinox is getting long in the tooth. I shall cancel further notice after the incoming large Coronal Holes hit us in about 3 days, the 31st shall close out the EQ alert. There have been MANY large EQ this month, as predicted from the transition from Earths position highest in relation to the Sun’s Equator, to transitioning down moving towards the southern hemisphere.

The proximity of this north south transition of the Earth in relation to the sun, as well as the Equinox being just 18 days away, makes a period ripe for large earthquakes.

And it played out.

So check out this relatively massive 4.5 EQ at the Hawaii Magma Chamber. And the high hit, 1800 meters above sea level, in Mauna Loa. Give it 3 more days to Rock and Roll!

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