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Dr. James E. Olsson, At Hopkins, But Pointing Out All the Sudden Deaths

stock here: this guy just keeps coming back into my feed. I am following him so I guess that makes some sense


Why are all these people suddenly having strokes and heart attacks, or collapsing everywhere, collapsing on a run, collapsing in their dorm, being found “unresponsive” near a popular nature trail, collapsing on the sidelines? And at a young age.

5 Entertainment and Sports Icons, Dead in The Past Week… – Entertainment Journalist Nikki Finke – Stand-Up Comic Judy Tenuta – Actor G√ľnter Lamprecht – Former Wrestler Sara Lee – WNBA Veteran Tiffany Jackson – International Business Times

STOCK HERE, I tried to Search Tiffany Jackson and Vaccine and got this as a twitter response:

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