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The Polished Podcasts That Pretend to Speak For Our Good, Shows The Depths of Evil Via These Controlled Oppositions, X22, Juan O Savin

stock here: Like all the best lies and best propaganda, they contain an element of the truth. But when the chips are down, they will be in full misdirection mode. Even now X22 is pretending that Trump is going to come back and like the Lion in the fable destroy all the taunting back biting evil.

There is more chance that Jesus comes to earth and sets every thing right, next week. And those odds are 100,000 to 1.

micro-epiphany: Of course “they” want Trump to run for the Republicans again. There will be more stories coming out about how Trump was attacked, trying to create support and sympathy for Trump.

They are instilling hope, rather than forcing people to realize that it is time for effective action. Similar to the whole Q farce. These are intelligence agency run Psyops. Here are some examples.

Also curious, this Nikki Swift with 3 millions followers and I never heard of her. She does this puff piece on Obama Daughters, and apparently does hit pieces on Conservatives. But the real fun part of the YouTube appearance is in the comments. 80% of people really get it. 10% are true believers, and 10% are paid trolls.


Here is another Nicki Swift pimp job…..promoting the pedo-killer Tom Hanks. She is a tool of the awful elite.

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