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The VXX Program Is a Huge and Deadly Experiment — Fauci Is Perfecting Various Bioweapons 100 Varieties Spread Over the Country

I published this on August 21, 3:14PM, by 9PM my blog on Google Blogger was totally suspended and disappeared from the internet. In other words, I hit the truth.

You will need to open the Excel spreadsheet to truly comprehend that there are 100’s of experiments being carried out under the guise of “Vaccines”.

Its a huge file, over 20MB and has all the Data Related to Death in the VAERS system, well the parts that haven’t been scrubbed.  


I analyzed by Lot / Batch and by US State.    Seems odd to ship a single batch all over the country?   Unless of course you wanted to test a bio-Weapon upon different populations to see how they work on that population.

And what if you wanted to make Red States more infertile, more quickly?    After results from the first tranche of VXX come in, you would know exactly how to do it most effectively.


These are from a prior article, right click and open for a large view.

First chart, number of deaths is high in States that are swing states.

Second chart, percentage of deaths is high in independent “Trump States”


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