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Magnetic Shift and Mass Strandings, 500 Whales in NZ and My Greenhouse

stock here….yes, no whales in my greenhouse. But I set forms for the new greenhouse, and wanted to align it with the county road. I took my compass to the road and got a reading on the west direction. 315.

But on google earth the road is almost perfectly true west, maybe a bit 273. Huge difference. This is double the

Say in 2005 or so, in the tropics things were off 5 to 10 degree more than normal. But this is huge.

They are pretending that 500 whales stranding themselves is like the Corona Virus and Climate Change. They have no shame, no morals, and no values. But is no big deal because they are not on the endangered species list, it just informs us.

It bothers me. And that is why I report all of it.



2 replies on “Magnetic Shift and Mass Strandings, 500 Whales in NZ and My Greenhouse”

A Terrible fact to contemplate about these whale beaching incidents: military power-jacking their Sonar has resulted in the deafening and destruction of inner-ear structure. the poor victims. There have been tapes of them setting off their super -acoustic blast, followed by the screaming of all the critters. they can’t escape.

Yep I saw this first and first hand in the 1990’s in Kauai at the Pacific Missile Range. They started up a submarine communication device (like 140 decibels in water) and the next day there was a large dead whale on the beach, with a small crowd gathering. I was a civilian on base and took some pictures I think with a film camera, and got some dirty looks from the military but at least they didn’t arrest me.

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