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Revisit the Fake Biden Dog Person Photoshop

stock here, a real look into the Biden family can also come from

snopes tries to debunk the photo by blurring it out and darkening it so much that you cannot so how obviously young the Jill on lap is.

This timeline looks correct to me

The incontravertable evidence that Jill was sexually involved with Joe while still married to Neilia is in a Tweet wherein Jill states during her first phone call with Joe in 1975 (March 1975) Joe told her that he’d be speaking at the Democratic Convention and she should “tune in.” The Democratic Convention is traditionally held in July. She slipped and was referring to the 1972 Dem. Con. in Miami Beach in July 1972. I was there. Check it out: “In 1972, Biden, then a New Castle County Council member, skipped votes to attend the convention in Miami Beach in the middle of his long-shot Senate campaign, according to The Morning News, a Delaware paper. He won his Senate race.” The Dem. Con. was in July 1972, the same year Jill’s first husband, William W. Stevenson, said she first met Joe. “Jill and I got married in 1970, I introduced Joe to Jill in 1972.” Jill couldn’t have been referring to the 1976 convention, since according to Jill, Joe asked her for a second date, was half way into her bogus courtship, which she said started in March 1975 and lasted until they were married in June 1977 that is 27 months, over two years. Jill claimed Joe proposed three times before she finally accepted. (She meant propositioned her 3X) Jill admits to meeting Neilia in November 1972 at Joe’s Victory Party, but claims she didn’t meet Joe. However in an interview with Piers Morgan she said she met him at a fund raiser, not a victory party.

In August 1974, according to Stevenson, Jill was baby-sitting for Joe so we know the March 1975 blind date phone call was a lie. All Delaware State records regarding one of the most significant and discussed auto accidents in U.S. history were destroyed by Assistant Delaware State’s Attorney Jerome O. Herlihy, a close friend and crony of Joe who conducted the investigation for the Del. AG Office and saved Joe’s career. You would think O. Herlihy would keep a copy for his files? The accident might have had a lasting effect on the other boys since Hunter is a dope fiend and sexual deviate. In Beau’s case there is conflicting evidence that a concussion can increase the liklihood of a brain tumor (glioblastoma) which took his life.

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