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Expect It: Another Bioweapon May Already Be Circulating. They Require Midterm Madness

stock here: A friend cancelled an event for Friday after his former co-worker felt lousy for a few days then died.

Caution is smart. Keep your system boosted up with Pro-biotics and the “Super Blend” which is a concoction of natural ingredients that all serve great purposes. If you have serious stuff like diabetes or on prescription blood pressure medicine you would be prudent to research each item, and best to contact a naturopathic licensed nurse or PA, I can pretty much guarantee it being impossible to find a full on Doctor of Medicine that would weigh in.

I’ll put this up as a separate article sometime, but here it is, the Superblend.

This is a Box link to a folder with 3 files, the Excel, a PDF showing the output sheet of the Excel, and a PDF with the “basis” the background on supplement benefits and dosing.

I have been doing this for quite a few years, in a hill billy way. Not much in the way of dosing science, just taking some. It took a few iterations, but this is the near final Mark 2 product, that I claim will add 10 years of quality life to your life. More energy, better memory, better eyesight, lower blood pressure, better sex.


Please alert me if the link works or if it doesn’t, I never tried a Box Folder before.

stock out. The above IS NOT vitamin bolstering for immune support / COVID cure, its a daily dose of good.

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