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Email RE Washington State Governor Race, Proud Of Their Damaging Lockdown, Gun Restrictions under 21 YO

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  1. They are comparing INslee’s opponent to basically being Trump. Scoffing at non-effective masks.
  2. Washington knew early on that they were likely already at herd immunity in their DOH emails, yet they continues with crushing agendas….and they remain proud of it.

Jay’s worked hard to keep Washingtonians healthy, while prioritizing employment opportunities as well as our access to Washington’s beautiful outdoor spaces. He’s also continued to fight for progress on health care, economic growth, and more — that’s why he and Loren Culp couldn’t be more different.

Electing Loren Culp in Washington state would be akin to electing Donald Trump as our governor — and it’s a decision that affects more than just Washington. That’s why this election matters so much: We set a $75,000 goal to finish this election strong. Will you chip in $5 or more before our FINAL fundraising deadline on Halloween?

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

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Here’s how far apart Loren Culp and Jay are on two of the big issues affecting all of us:

On COVID-19:

  • Jay has issued public health proclamations that put the health and welfare of Washingtonians first. Those science-based decisions have saved lives.
  • Loren Culp said, “It’s not the governor’s job to dictate to us what to do in our businesses or our lives.” He’s held huge in-person rallies and still scoffs at wearing a mask.

And on gun violence prevention:

  • Jay’s championed laws that keep families safe, including Initiative 1639 that bans the sale of semiautomatic weapons to people under 21 and puts enhanced background checks in place for everyone buying firearms.
  • Loren Culp compares the police officers who enforce that law to Nazis and compares himself to Rosa Parks for refusing to enforce it himself as a sheriff.

There are countless more differences between these two candidates, and each of these topics affects more than just our state. With Jay, we know we have a proven leader who makes strong, decisive choices to keep folks safe. With Loren Culp, well, you know you get a mini-Donald Trump who puts himself first.

This is why we have to elect Jay this fall and why we will fight for every last vote to do it: Our FINAL fundraising deadline is on Saturday. Will you donate $5 or more to help raise $75,000 before midnight on Halloween?



Molly Keenan
Campaign Manager
Inslee for Washington

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