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Boston U, Has Illegally Created a Monsterous SARS-3 Virus — Gain Of Function, Kills 80%, Kill Rate 916% Higher Than Delta

stock here: This was also conducted with your tax dollars funding the equipment. Not sure how this is even remotely possible in the USA. USA outlawed GOF research and that is why Fauci et al was funding Wuhan to do their dirty work.

stock here: Boston tries a debunk (far below) but here is the low down. They crossed Omicron and Delta. Omicron is moss transmissible than Delta, so more will get infected and quicker (over whelming the system perchance). Using the support below, lets agree that Omicron is 10 times more transmissible and grows faster in the body. Agreed??

So below is my Excel analysis. The newly created Virus has a 916% higher kill rate, and it kills faster. If you expand this to a human model, it would mean that for sure you would overwhelm the hospital system, and the effective kill rate would be even higher.

How is this not Gain of Function??




Boston University refuted several allegations by saying that even though we achieved Gain of Function it was just a by product and we did not intend to achieve Gain of Function, therefore it was not Gain Of Function research.

They also postulate that we should not be attacking their research, because the wages of the researchers were paid by Boston U, and therefore they were not obligated to report anything, and because of that you shouldn’t take issue with anything they did report.

They also said that the 80% death rate in mice was “taken out of context” because they used a type of mouse that was especially susceptible to SARS, therefore the 80% number was blown out of proportion even though it was 100% true.

Does tone deaf even begin to describe this?

They go further to state that because the research has a possible future benefit in being prepared for advanced bio-weapons, by creating the advanced bio-weapons, that we should not worried that they created advanced bio-weapons.

Hmmm….that almost makes sense, LOL

What do y’all think?

Forbes actually covered this, here


They bring up a salient point, their new “hybrid” SARS ONLY killed 80% of the mice, whereas the original SARS-2 killed 100% of the mice.

On the surface that sounds somewhat logical. But the THIS the point….by intergrating the Omicron Spike into the particularly deadly Delta structure, they made the whole package, say, 50 TIMES more transmissable. It kills 20% less of those that get infected, but 5000% more get infected.

See how that works?

Oh, and this is just a pre-print, another reason to ignore it until further notice.

17 replies on “Boston U, Has Illegally Created a Monsterous SARS-3 Virus — Gain Of Function, Kills 80%, Kill Rate 916% Higher Than Delta”

The timing of these “announcements” to the US Midterms is interesting. Noted they are playing a 2 pronged approach to “crisis”.
Sometimes create a real crisis, and other times just use the bullhorn of Crypto-Ashkenazi owned media to project the appearance of a crisis much worse than it really is.

wear toque lots eh, like winter, hockey boring, Trudeau disgusting. Gotta go light the fire. Organic coffee with maple syrup and organic cream on the menu. So yah.

Did you get that part about Trudeau being Castro’s son? I am 98% convinced its true. He is a disgusting abusive little tyrant.

I tapped my silver maples last spring and got almost 1 gallon finished product.

If there was an award for most in-authentic human being on Earth – ie. the supreme phoney – Justin Trudeau would surely be in the running. He is seriously loathed by many and growing numbers of Canadians.

But more than merely consistently phoney, he is more and more being understood as a destructive half-baked minion to the deranged WEF-cult, deeply corrupt, and traitor to Canada. And more than that, clearly guilty of expediting mass murder and maiming via bio-weapon coercion.

Stock, the Stew Peter’s network – with its growing number of participating ‘hosts’ – has in a short space of time created a large body of important work on many contemporary issues. I am not endorsing or agreeing with all of the material produced, but it is typically of high calibre integrity and often offers clarity on important issues muddied or censored by msm..

Check out as fairly representative the latest Peters broadcast in which Dr. Wade Hamilton is interviewed. Here is a link:


LOL my own reply got censored, watched a few recent Stew Peters, doing good work. Fishy though, why holding off on release of his “Died Suddenly” mini-movie until Nov 21. Maybe doesn’t want to scare people away from the Mid-terms? Seems like the lefty sheep would be the scared ones

Dr. Ruby has done much good work. I have no problem with imperfection, the human condition. But I don’t detect bs in Ruby.

Karen Kingston on the Stew Peters show and at her substack on the COVID crime scene, Part 6, has disclosed that the previous sensible broad definition of ‘gain of function’ has recently been narrowed so that much nefarious shite can be carried out without falling under the ‘refurbished’ definition.


This changing of key definitions can lead to most pernicious results.

The corrupt corporate lobby WHO in 2009 redefined pandemic: an innocuous flu season could now be declared a serious global scourge. This is in the spirit of redefining say an irksome mouse as a rabid fox.

The latter redefinition facilitated attempted mega-genocide; the former definition change may succeed further.

I have been meaning to do a deep dive into Stew Peters, he seems somewhat questionable in the way of a controlled opposition that may carry water when demanded, and a personality type that the “normies” could love to hate. But I have not made up my mind. Also that female Doctor Ruby, who is just quite a bit “too hot”. Only so much time in the day!!!

Stew Peters is up to now uncontrolled opposition. He has been verbal bare-knuckle forthright on many subjects that the ‘mainstream’ bs media censor/ignore or spin or lie about. He also seems to be a quick study for accurate reportage. So for example, on subjects that he confesses he knew little about short years ago – say Ukraine politics or USS Liberty – he has tended to ‘hit the elusive nail on the head’.

He is an ardent Christian, which gives him strength, but can be a potential liability if pushed into strident zealotry.

He asks tough questions of his guests and editorializes with backboned gusto.

You can argue that point directly with Miles Mathis, who has much more experience and prescience in such matters than I. I do not agree that “Stew” (Stewart, from the peerage) Peters is “uncontrolled opposition”, nor do I trust him. AND, to each their own in this day-and-age of discernment.

I also don’t think Boston U. folks did what they said they did. Show me incontrovertible proof of the existence of a “virus” — much less one “concocted” for a couple of others!! The “germ theory” worked on — and over — people for more than a century now. Like the COVID Scamdemic, finally the veil is so threadbare people can start to see through it. The rise of allopathic medicine — funded generously by the usual suspects — drove away the healers and their healing agents.

The tide has turned. How many of us creatures on the beach will survive to begin a new era?

One thing that stands out with Stew Peters….he uses the term, Bidenflation. As in, making everything about Biden. Just like making everything about Trump, spot light it, polarize it. And it gives credibility to the idea that Biden is, in fact, doing anything. And that there is not a collaboration of cartels running the show, running slo joe with Doc Jill in the background holding a pinocchio pecker up his ass.

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