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Kingston Notified Fox News in May 2021 of the Bio-Weapon Nature of the Injections

stock here: A reader submitted this lady as excellent reporting. Karen Kingston.

Definitely not a “Karen” LOL. Proving that Fox is controlled opposition, Fox had clear information on the Injections being a wide variety of things, some of them targeted bio-weapons.

And they failed to report it. But they did make a file on Karen Kingston, kind of like the nuke industry dossier on yours truly in which long ago and minor details that no one would remember, are brought back up. That happened a few times, and especially at ENENews and then I figured out the plot. Of course these “trolls” are heavily funded and sometimes organized. Often times, quite tone deaf too.

Here is a Karen letter.


Early Warnings About COVID-19 Vaccines Being Bioweapons: Fox News

May 27. 2021 – This is one of many emails I sent to Fox News in May/June of 2021.

Karen Kingston

Oct 19

This is one of many emails I sent to the Fox News team to inform them that the COVID-19 vaccines are bioweapons. I called Fox News dozens of times as well. During one my calls, the Fox representative inadvertently mentioned that she had ‘pulled up my file.’

Apparently Fox News has a ‘Karen Kingston file’. Will Fox News ever report on the evidence in the 2021 ‘Karen Kingston file’?

From: Karen Kingston <k****@****today.com>
Date: Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 8:02 PM
To: Wendy*****@foxnews.com
Subject: 911: Patent for Global COVID-19 Vaccine Attached – Highly Deadly Chimeric RNA & mRNA Platform

Hi Wendy,

I’m a consultant in the Pharma and Med Device industry. I conduct analysis of clinical data, IP landscape/patents, federal regulations, and communication trends and then develop content and strategic plans to influence how physicians manage various disease states, as well as what to communicate to the consumer population. My clients have included Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Allergan, et al.

I’m hoping you can pass the information I gathered regarding the COVID-19 biological agents onto a team at FOX and FOX can help in the efforts against the false propaganda regarding the COVID-19 injections. Many people are putting themselves and their children at unwarranted risk for harm, frequently resulting in permanent disabilities or death.

Most important, the attachment labeled SM-102 Patent is the global patent for the mRNA lipid nanoparticle (LNP) vaccines granted by WIPO to Moderna on August 6, 2020. Please have an expert in auto-immune disease medical research review this patent and the ones linked in this email. I believe they will conclude that the COVID-19 injections are bioweapons that contain gain of function (GOF) chimeric viruses and toxins under the guise of mRNA therapeutic vaccines combined with a ‘diagnostic/therapeutic’ lipid nanoparticle (LNP) platform. Per the patent, the LNP can target specifics organs and systems throughout the body, including, but not limited to reproductive, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and the central nervous system, specifically crossing the blood brain barrier.

I apologize in advance for the ‘drinking from a firehose’ data in this e-mail.

Americans Right to Informed Consent

The FDA, CDC, NIH, and most Medical Associations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, are guilty of dozens of violations under the FD&C Act, by withholding or lying about these biological agents, including the dangers and risks of “COVID-19 Vaccines” under informed consent, per Sec. 564 of the FD&C Act:

  • Every communication (written, news, videos, social media, websites, podcasts, etc.) about the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ must clearly state that:
    • The ‘vaccines’ are not approved by the FDA for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19, but are under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only
    • The ‘vaccines’ have NOT been proven to be safe or effective in stopping the infection or transmission of the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19
    • Every patient has the right to be informed of the benefits and risks of the ‘vaccine’, including all reported side effects, other treatments available, and the right to refuse treatment

Following is a snippet of the information I’ve researched:

COVID-19 Vaccines Patents are based on Research from China

In Jan of 2017, MIT, Harvard, et al. filed a patent for Vaccine Nanotechnology. https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/patent/US-9539210-B2 Under the Section STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENT SUPPORT – it clearly states that the invention was made possible by grants from the NIH and is entitled to rights of the invention. This patent dates back to a provisional filed Oct. 12, 2007 Ser. No. 60/979,596 which also stats the NIH’s ownership in the vaccine nanotechnology platforms.

In December of 2017, the NIH lifted its restrictions on Gain of Function (GOF) research. (attached – Dec 2017 NIH GOF).

In February of 2018, the USPTO granted the University of North Carolina a patent for Chimeric Coronavirus Spike Protein(s). The patent covered GOF spike coronaviruses from SARS-Cov-1, MERS, and bat coronaviruses. The NIH’s ownership is stated in this patent as well.  In 2005, a NIH/People’s Republic of China funded study was published on chimeric research with bat coronaviruses. Ref 29 – Thanks the NIH for their grant for this research.

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