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The Gun Grabbers Are Coming – Incrementalism — Restrict Magazine Size — CDC Genocidal Agency Now In Charge of Data Against Clear Laws Against Exactly That

stock here: Every communist takeover starts with Gun Grabbing.


Funny phrasing, 7 other “victims” some with gunshot wounds….so pretty poor kill ratio, they had to jump up the “hospitalized” numbers, even if quickly released. At least 1 had a heart attack, they say. 10 to 1 that person was injected.

We see you Gun Grabbers.

Fog of war, or #FaF? They said…..

He had a dozen large capacity magazines, but he had several on him.
Victim on stretcher face down
Students describe firearm as “long gun” rather than rifle
Student says a white man said I am tired of all of you
One of the students had a heart attack, I bet they were injected

OBTW, the shooter was black. I expected that because of 20 news stories, none mentioned that. It took quite some time to find a picture.

Apparently Mass murder is no longer the domain of evil white men. This is all of Darrell Brooks Mug Shots.

A mass of contradictions out of the gate, although I am not suggesting this was a false flag. It was questionable to interview that distraught 16 YO girl while still near school grounds….I have never seen that happen before. So stay frosty in your thinking….gun Grabber gotta Grab.

The news pursued the husband of the slain female teacher immediately….shameful.

Reached by phone by the Post-Dispatch late Monday, her husband Stephen choked up as he said he did not want to comment yet.


And of the 16YO girl they interviewed, they also got this picture of said girl and purportedly her mom. No dad in the picture, just saying. It looks like a completely different location than were they did the video interview.

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