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WaPo Propaganda Piece — COVID Initially Killed More Blacks, Now “It” is Killing More Whites Because of Republican Suburban Isolation Priviledge, LOL NOT

stock here, their reasoning is hilarious.

The solution is obvious, in the beginning there were a class of blacks that had poor health and took the hit.

But overall Blacks do not trust the government, they know they have been medically experimented on before, and few Blacks allowed the Injection.

So what we are seeing now is more whites taking the first 2 injections and then boosting. And they are dying, and often it is the injection directly, but the injection also makes people more susceptible to getting COVID AND and overblown immune response. Anyway, now it is about even.

Shameful, that our media is allowed to be so slanted, so harmful to the Citizens of the USA. Of the world.


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