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Hawaii Pounded With Earthquakes, Exact Same Spot as the 1868 Quake That Killed 100 People

Look at this huge Earthquake, its in the “Feeder Port” from deep Magamatic sources to the combined MAgma Chamber CMC that feeds Maunaloa and Kileaua

This is the same spot that was hit YESTERDAY with a Huge 6.2 after we put out our CME driven earthquake alert on Saturday.

There have been 15 earthquakes over 6.0 in the last 100 years, and 2 of them were yesterday.

The 1868 April 2 through 4 EQ Event was estimated to be a 7.9 and it killed around 100 people via earthslide and tidal wave.

The 1868 event was proceeded by Dense smoke from Mauna Loa On March 27, and a Flank Lava Flow on March 28.

The CURRENT large Earthquake was preceeded by the Eruption of  Kilauea.

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