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Bono, Obama, and Gates: Birds of a Feather

stock here: interesting slice of life. I was at a friend’s wedding reception in a fancy penthouse restaurant, private room with an open door. I betcha Billy Boy was upset when he couldn’t get the best room because it was already booked…they had to eat pretty much in the open on a large table outside our room. Bill Gates and Bono and their entourage, maybe around 14 people, all younger and wives. And I was shocked that these 2 hung out together…I mean what would they have in common? Years later, I figured it out….they are leftists, authoritarian control freaks.

Who else fits in that box…..of course Obama, also from Hawaii (at least officially, although the Government lady that certified his birth certificate died mysteriously in a plane crash that everyone else lived).

There is just 2 degrees of separation from Obama and me. My business lawyer was Obama’s classmate, and my Fraternity brother was Obama’s ROTC Leader.

And another cringy story of Bono passing out at the White House, purportedly because of an allergy, LOL.


More on Obama at Punahou in 1979, most of it puke worthy


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