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A Review of Twitter Today Indicates Full Leftist Slant, More So Than a Month Ago. Musk Must Be Seen As Part of the Psyop

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Musk is clearly smart, and clearly an Aspey. But is he also a “made man”. It is odd they let him into “their circle” whilst he exposes some anti-establishment narratives. Do they threaten him with not just loss of much of his wealth, but jail time for past SEC violations, like the Martha Stewart debacle.

I’ll more on Musk from “the second smartest guy in the world” on substack.


And another one, showing the Globalist roots of Musk


Here the Western Journal (likely to be controlled opposition) talks about how Kari Lake responds to a question about Brian SickNick, the Capital Police guy who died of stroke the day after the Jan 6 Debacle, AFTER telling his brother that he felt fine.

The CBS reporter was trying to bait her into attacking a grieving mother. Shame on them. But we know their leftist slant and should expect nothing else going forward. I received an email today calling Lake a Piece of Shit for talking about the dead officer. Seriously? She is a very classy lady, nothing I can say about ANY of the leftists of the communist party.

The leftists Gaslighters in chief have now latched onto the gaslight meme in perfect projection.

Uh, because she is also a Gun Grabbing Leftist

4 replies on “A Review of Twitter Today Indicates Full Leftist Slant, More So Than a Month Ago. Musk Must Be Seen As Part of the Psyop”

Too early to pass judgement on Musk, imo. Kari Lake on the other hand has got qualities that will go beyond benefiting Arizona, will have national influence for the good.

There is a strong modern cultural tendency to swiftly attach the black or white, good or evil designation to ‘friend’ and ‘foe’, and wage the war on whichever premise one has chosen, with the emotional and territorial and ego investment traps that that choice tends to lead to.

So, for example, with Trump, there was much rabid hatred and much enthusiastic support, but the in between, the realm of ambiguity and nuance, was less supported. If one asks, what impact has Trump had on Earth, I think one could assemble a rather long list, a list which would include many pros and cons and ambiguities and ‘too soon to tells’.

In the case of Musk, I would suppose that like many of us he is on a ‘learning curve’. And so his previous declarations may or may not match up with his revised or actual intent.

Apart from that, there is the question of his actual impact over time, apart from his intentions and hopes, or his possible status as some species of fraudster

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