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Epiphany: “Gulf War Syndrome” Was Not About Depleted Uranium, GWS Was The Results of the Mandated Anthrax Vaccine

stock here: There, I spoken the unspeakable. What do you think?

The Anthrax vaccine was a killed virus, not an mRNA type. The mRNA type was never used before on humans, because it always killed 20% to 100% of the animals….so might as well roll it out on the world population and see what happens…..

To the right is a list of Gulf War Syndrome, looks familiar, right?

Let’s visit the most complicit medical establishment John Hopkins, who brushes this off as…..


Check out this Judge swatting down the 2003 Mandatory Military immunization for Anthrax….Emmet Sullivan, the pussy hat, Trump hating Judge actually doing something rational. It didn’t work though, the FDA just made a new statement that “it was safe and effective” against inhalation anthrax.

4 replies on “Epiphany: “Gulf War Syndrome” Was Not About Depleted Uranium, GWS Was The Results of the Mandated Anthrax Vaccine”

Thanks Stock. I had wondered about that. However, don’t want to imply that DU is completely off the hook.

More generally, if truth were told, I suspect that it would be found that a great many of the maladies afflicting modern man have been wholly or partly caused by mysterious materials injected into people en masse, especially when they are very young and not able to say no effectively.

Yes I have spent some time on the DU also….it is a horrible thing affecting the bio-electro mechanical nature of our beings. Like marine scientists who state that radiation can’t damage krill because it would take SO MUCH radiation to break the chitin chains. Ignoring that fact that wrapping a bio-life with a shell of radiation emitting chitin would not disrupt the life itself. So called best and brightest are some of the most dangerous, .

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