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Solar Micronova Apologist / Denier

stock here: Idiots are everywhere. They used a number of false arguments, false attributions, and just plain stupidity. They describe an accretion recurrent Micro-Nova, and then call that a Nova.


“Pole flips and such have been a staple in end-of-the-world theories for decades. It’s a good bellwether for knowing if what someone is saying is nonsense.”

Oh my, what a powerful argument! LOL

Even though there are hundreds of micro-Nova witnessed by telescopes in the last few decades and really reaching into the 1800’s—- well documented and compiled and analyzed in depth by wavelength and luminosity, this author makes the assertion that

Still, let’s look at the science, such as it is. To be clear, a micronova isn’t a thing.



Other’s are pretending that the first microNova was discovered in Spring of this year!

Sheesh! CNN

Micronovae are smaller than typical novae and only last for a few hours.


LOL and “just discovered this year”

Johnson did a study in 1959 on “rare flashes from field stars”, shortly after that, the first trips to the moon had astronauts exclaiming “I think I found one of them” aka glazed moon rocks.

Here is a 1988 paper detailing 24 Micro-nova


Ophiuchi went off on 8-8-21, It’s prior
Brightening was Feb 12, 2006 or about 15 years…..and the brightness slowly trailed off back to normal over a period of 6 weeks. Prior to that is went off in 1985, or about 21 years.

That kind of quick cycle time would be tough on the wildlife on any planet nearby… Ouch!

Fortunately, older Stars, like our Star have much longer periods of Micro-Nova and our, per my best estimates, is 11,500 to 12,500 years.

This article from Sky and Telescope provides a wealth of information.


It seems that quick outbursts, if during the Earth “day” would be likely missed altogether.

How long do the micronova last?

For Opiuchi on 8-8-21 Gearry reported seeing the MN on 22:20 UT

Michael’s reports a 21:30 UT

Valentin reports at 21:24 UT

Earliest images by 2 Chinese observers at 13:47 UT

Can you spot the MicroNova?

Scientific review of the 1985 outburst….


So per the above, there were other sightings of this star “going off” in

The Brighter they are, the faster the fade out rate


This “mass accretion” cause of Nova appears well known for at least 40 years

… Classical novae are all cataclysmic binary stars, wherein a WD accretes a hydrogen-rich envelope from its Roche-lobe filling companion, or from the wind of a nearby giant. Theory (Shara 1981) and detailed simulations (Yaron et al. 2005) predict that once the pressure at the base of the accreted envelope (which has a mass of ∼ 10 −5 -10 −6 M ⊙ ) of the WD exceeds a critical value, a thermonuclear runaway (TNR) will occur in the degenerate layer of accreted hydrogen. The TNR causes the rapid rise of the WDs luminosity to ∼ 10 5 L ⊙ or more, and the high-speed ejection of the accreted envelope in a classical nova explosion. …

The accretion events happen not just in dual star systems, with space dust being a “thing”. And a thing that can be delivered via the Galactic Current Sheet which is now passing a wave over our local area.

The last micro-nova was about 12,000 years ago coincidental with the end of the Mastodon, mammoth, and 35 other large mammals — and —- the last ice-age. A rapid melt off (due to micro-nova) created much of the features of north america. This allowed the “clovis people” to expand into north and south america and pretty much take over. It is said the clovis people disappeared, but in my view they simply integrated into their new environments and adapted away from “clovis”.

Much of the above is “opinion” and speculation.

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