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A Time Line of The Rapture

I am just going to leave this here:

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Thanks for putting the date that Armageddon will occur so I can have it on my calendar for 2028.

Man, you are completely insane. Good to know.

GAslighting doesn’t work on the waken, LOL. Its one guys view, quite educated on these matters, but calling armageddon is risky business.

Calling the micro-nova is much more likely shot, or calling for eruption of Mauna Loa as I did in September, has even better odds.

Wormwood has been edited out
Of Jeremiah 9:15 in the NIV and the
Gideon’s ESV Bible. It is a direct translation to Chernobyl. Reading
Jeremiah 9 over again, and having
Knowledge about the 1986 disaster,
It is stunning. The mention of Wormwood in the Revelation has caused many to focus on the Comets and asteroids. An important angle to consider is that it is a Simile- the Wormwood is “like or as” a burning star.
The molten core of the reactor. Now read Jeremiah 9, death came in our windows. Who was it that made this disaster? Characters named Oppenheimer and Ed Teller and others of the Tribe.

Just yesterday I was remembering the video clip of Oppenheimer being interviewed after the bomb, and the weird twist of his neck as Satan says now I publicly take your soul, you were given the ultimate power of death and now you pay. Also 4 Democratic senators, tried to clear his name, just last year.
LMK if this link works
and this one

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