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Framing The Real Problems / Situations

stock here: plenty of armchair quarterbacks out there, and no one is hitting the nail on the head. Let me say it then: a consortium of cartels (Zionist Jews and most importantly the Crypto-Jews who hide behind “anti-semitism” to run cover for their dastardly deeds, Jesuits/Masons that have taken over the Roman Catholic church, and the super creepy super rich that own media and social media, and let’s not forget the Chinese Communist Party) have variously banded together to engineer the collapse of the USA in the hopes a more authoritarian ruling system of Government working with Big Corp to control their annoying little slaves but this time controlling nearly any dissent except for the allowed exercise of “voice” via controlled opposition (Tucker Carlson for instance).

There, the entire problem has been framed

So when pundits decry how they got it wrong, I am annoyed, if not disgusted.

And tomorrow, and in weeks to come, when Joe Biden stops propping up the economy by dumping the U.S. oil reserves to keep energy prices down, all heck is going to break loose. I was hoping that a GOP sweep would bring sanity back, but there will be no GOP sweep and the Republicans can shrug and say they can’t do anything to stop the onslaught that is about to happen.

Suffering is coming. Americans voted for what they’re about to get.

No shame on you, you got it wrong, but in the wrong way. WE Americans did not vote for the engineered collapse, it is being forced upon us and a dumbed down population. We do not deserve this.

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November 2022 A color-coded note to assist in grokking. Given the B&W presentation here, you have some work to do! First, recognize we have “look-alikes” CONfronting us. Then, pick one, keep a sharp eye out to ensure you still have that particular one in your line of vision, then COLOR that one either BLUE or RED. Proceed to do the same with the other one, only color that one RED or BLUE. Got it? Different colors helps you distinguish one from the other — until color does not matter, of course.

To begin:

My CONdolences to all who thought Tweedle Duh the superior candidate and who now face 2 (or 4 or 6) more years of Tweedle Demon in a seat of comparative power.

My CONgratulations to all those whose chosen candidate — say, Tweedle Duh or Tweedle Demon — prevailed because of (or despite) gross negligence on the part of (s)election “officials”, the profound ignorance of other voters, and|or outright cheating by The Power$ That Be (if you will, color TP$TB PURPLE, like the color Bill and Hillary Clinton wore prominently one night now so long ago!).

By this time NEXT (s)election cycle, you will have even greater insight than you do now about how much difference voting makes generally, and how little difference it makes whether you fund the lavish lifestyle of either a Tweedle Duh or a Tweedle Demon.

You will appreciate that NOBODY cares about your general welfare and being.
You will understand that NOBODY will spend the wealth remaining in America wisely for the benefit of Americans.
You will realize that NOBODY will protect you from the globalist|elitist psychopaths currently running amok in corridors of power of influence nationally and internationally.

VOTE FOR NOBODY FOR all orifices between now and then!!

If no one votes, NOBODY wins!!

Next, we can discuss the value of NON-PARTICIPATION.

10 November 2022

The Power$ That Be cannot steal what (((they))) already own — lock, STOCK, and a barrel of fish into which to shoot.

Americans have not had a “constitutional republic” as created for 150 years (see http://www.annavonreitz.com for details and a solution). Many rank the rankest POTUS ever — Abe Lincoln, BAR attorney — as one of the greatest ever. In the meantime — less-than-mean times an illusion all along the way since — we Americans have lost the media, the banking “industry”, educational systems, medical, health and care-giving institutions, and, of course, the political arena in which we think we live, breathe, and have our biopsychosocioeconomic being — individually especially!

A salient quote attributed to Samuel Clemens about the ineffectiveness of “voting” got fact-checked as “false”: https://checkyourfact.com/2019/09/16/fact-check-mark-twain-voting-difference-illegal/. Others CONtinue to attribute the brilliant observation to Mark Twain. One thing’s for sure. George Carlin made the point unmistakably strongly if profanely! For example: https://www.icomedytv.com/content/george-carlin-on-voting-transcript. In this case, I think GC’s style of discourse fits the character of the subject perfectly.

The only surprise I feel concerns the pace at which others wake up to the facts of the matter. Here’s someone who awakened some time ago.
No question marks, rhetorical or otherwise!

Had your booster yet, folks?

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