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Amazing Polly — SM-102 Admitted Toxic Component of the Injections

stock here: although this appears to be important, I think it is missing the boat….there are hundreds of formulations of the Injections, and they act differently on different people, different races, different ages, different sexes (both of them), and in different environmental conditions.

And now they have all the data on how best to use these bio-weapons. The best lies have an element of the truth, and so they let a known hazard be published in the official documents.

This is her Bitchute channel directly.

I’ll send her the toxicity by batch information of the latest analysis for the bivalent injections.

2 replies on “Amazing Polly — SM-102 Admitted Toxic Component of the Injections”

Good point, at this point i no longer am surprised by any and all connections to the Epstein ring and those who funded him.

Thanks for pointing out the Crispr (gene editing) connection.

Your point, that there are unknown ingredients in the ‘shots’ – thus creating an unknown but potentially vast quantity of variations – is a basic point that many miss. To be reminded by Polly that dangerous shit was in the listed ingredients is important.

But what was revelatory about Polly’s presentation was that the company producing the SM-102 was headed by a person prodigiously prolific as source of sperm for insemination of hundreds of women, and this fecundity-marvel is connected to the ‘late’ breeding-eugenics-villain Jeffrey Epstein, and also to the originator of Crispr technology.

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