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Dear Tyrants, You Are Losing

stock here, submitted by flyingcuttlefish

JP is great, and he nails this one. We will not comply, not now, not ever. We never fell for your bullshit, most of us here anyway. And second down, a compilation of

stock here. There is one personality trait, of likely many, all intertwined at the same time, that is “authoritarian”. One of the classic theories is T. Adorno’s, along with several others ALL at Berkeley, were funded with studying Authoritarianism….get this….to help understand anti-semitism. My oh My!!!!! 1% of the population!!!!! But its the most important thing. Many of the authoritarian tyrants hide their evil behind the shield of Jewishness so they can carry on their dastardly deeds with everyone afraid to point out their bullshit, or risk being called antisematic

his theory has 3 main tenants, and if we adhere to these, we would come to the conclusion that what is going on in the world goes beyond just Authoritarianism. Because in order to divide us and degrade us, they total throw out traditional values. So what are the pieces of what is going on? Control freaks? Buttercups so shallow, weak, and sensitive that they cannot tolerate even a voice of dissent criticizing them in any way….Zuckerberg’s “It gets to you”

Adorno’s theory

  • Hostile toward people of inferior status but obedient to people with higher statuses.
  • Very rigid in their opinions and beliefs.
  • Conventional; they defend traditional values.


And there is also the its just “greedy evil effers”. I cannot GROK the issues with Satanism, what drives people into that? Are they just inherently bad? Were they abused as children? Do they hate authority so much that they traverse to the largest alternate authoritarian grouping?

All thoughts appreciated

Many years back I pondered the strange immigrations going on in Europe, and through collaboration online came up with the “make everything suck, destroy all national identity” and just burden the system with non-integrating criminals and sloths. Played in spades. Then the sites were laser focused on collapsing the USA. “They” still control all the media, how do we fix that?

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