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How to Prove The Cheat. Simple, Run High Quality Large Scale Polls of the Voters In Each and Every Questionable Area

stock here. This might cost $50M to do large scale poling, or about what we launder through Ukraine every 3 hours. But one could prove, to a 99.999% certainty if a cheat had occurred.

Why would they not do this? They know that keeping the 2 party system split in a perpetual “power struggle” is to their benefit, regardless of how effed we are. I’ll make this suggestion to Ron Johnson, one of the few humans in Congress.

For instance, there is no way that Kari Lake lost to the Hobb thing. in one poll Nov 1, they polled 985 people, giving a margin of error of 3.1%. They could poll 100,000 people and have a 99% confidence Interval and the margin of error would be small at 0.4%

What a laughable banana republic we live in. It was super important that Lake was cancelled, as her next step would likely be a run at president, Lake as pres, Desantis stepping down to be the VP.

6 days later and they still haven’t counted 2% of the vote, about 50,000.

Margin of error can be calculated using the following formula:

MOE = z*√((p*(1−p))/n)

Here’s a breakdown of each of the values:

‘z*’ is the z-score that corresponds to the desired confidence level

‘p’ is the sample proportion

‘n’ is the sample size

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