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Trump Announces His Run Is At Least as Important as The Sovereignty of the USA

stock here — so blame me for my come on title? Although I think the coffin is nailed fairly tightly, Trump as President again would be several more nails in that coffin.

I’ll make this quick. The 17 Candidates (Q) foreshadowing ending up with Trump, “Trust the plan”. Either Trump or Hillary would have got us to this point. “Their” plan is pretty good and it’s working for the collapse, takeover, and control without dissent of the annoying little slaves of the USA (who will still outproduce almost all of the world).

Trump was used to divide us, and he played right into it. He just jousted with the media, he did not fix the media. He did not eliminate the marxist leftists within the Military.

We knew there would be big cheating on the 2020 elections, but Trump failed to take effective action to prevent the huge cheating, or at least, to catch them in prosecutable compromised conditions with iron clad enforcement.

We know that Trump had his heart in the right place in terms of promoting and improving the USA. But allowing himself to be drawn into little fights, was a huge mistake.

And Trump should at this time, fade into history, and enjoy the rest of his life, out of the public eye. He should not allow himself to be used as an instrument of division.

Here is Mandy Bombard doing an analysis of Trump body language.


4 replies on “Trump Announces His Run Is At Least as Important as The Sovereignty of the USA”

I certainly agree that nuclear saber-rattling is very dangerous. Those “in charge” of the script of the absurd we are being tortured with, are willing to take this risk to achieve their many goals. I think Desantos or Gabbard would both be non-rattlers. And better choices for less divisiveness. We can either eliminate the leftists from the field of play, further incite their hatred, or somewhat pander to the fringe that is not full blown idiocy. Maybe there are some other options. But division is their game, look at the front page of Fox news today….It looks like they are playing every card all at once, stay frosty.

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