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Get Ready!! Fox News Is Playing Every “Trump Suit” of the Theater of the Absurd

My morning epiphany “Theater of the Absurd”. Although Fox is theoretically owned by Murdoch, Fox will play the deep state’s cards when it is most crucial. The type of headlines displayed today make me think we are in one of those times. Stay Frosty!

Although the “red wave” was stunted by obvious steals….and no one is even talking about that (hint hint Fox your pay masters told you to shut up)….the red wave still occurred. Just not large enough to upset (coin) the Balance of Injustice.

And finally, the best lies contain elements of truth….the Hollywood News machine succumbs to the obvious, and admits that the real Nazis flourished in Ukraine after the 2014 Obama machine led the installation of literal comedian Zelinsky. But the spin now is that “America has Neo-Nazis (MAGA LOL), and their counterparts in Ukraine are being used to “Fight Russia” because anything is OK to do to “Fight Russia”.

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