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Calling Out Controlled Information YouTube “2 Bit Da Vinci”

I covered weather and space weather alot, and so it makes some sense that this guy was pushed into my feed, as he was covering the El Nino La Nina that I had never paid enough attention to. He has a heck of a lot of followers, I propose that this guy is a product of the controlling Globalists. When a channel also seems just too polished at times, there is big money behind them.

Check it out. See some other videos. The second one is 2023 El Nino is “going to be a beast”, ya right…..Canada is burning because Soros and his son-ilk are paying leftists to burn it down. Oh and 2024 will “be the hottest year EVER recorded”

Looks like his main push is dancing around “Global Warming” narratives by pretend science, see the comments on his heat pump and refrigerants. And the look of his face, a solid darkish bottom half of his face. It’s weird.

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