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Anti-Semite — Email I Receive

stock here: it is kind of nice they are compiling a log of their activities. LOL Goyim Defense League (must be Neo-Nazi)

I am surprised the “semites” (who aren’t really semites from my research) are even advertising the word “Goyim” that sounds really tone deaf since that word is not on the minds of most Goyims.

Hmmm……5 per day across the entire Globe……Hmmmmm

In the month of June, the CAM Antisemitism Research Center monitored 152 reports of antisemitic incidents globally, marking a daily average of 5.1. This includes 55 incidents involving acts of vandalism.   More than half of all June’s incidents involved hate speech (86 incidents) — such as neo-Nazi demonstrations outside of two Georgia synagogues during Shabbat — or the use or threat of violence (11 incidents) — including the killing of four Israeli civilians in a Palestinian terror attack north of Jerusalem.    There were eleven new adoptions of the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism across the globe in June — including by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo and the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This month, two different synagogues were protested in Georgia by neo-Nazis during Shabbat.

The demonstrators, who chanted antisemitic slogans and displayed Nazi swastika flags, were affiliated with the Goyim Defense League (GDL). The GDL has been responsible for series of similar provocations nationwide, including a large-scale antisemitic flyering campaign across the country.   Similarly, neo-Nazi demonstrators waved swastika flags outside the entrance to the Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando, Florida, earlier in June.   

In the UK, a Durham University student who called Jews “apex predators in capitalism” in far-right group chats was allowed back to study for a PhD, prompting calls for a formal probe.

Messages shared by former Durham undergraduate Hugo Lunn included one post saying, “Hitler would be more efficient if he privatized his death factories” and another that referred to “the Jewishtocracy.”  
CAM Monthly Report YTD (June 2023) V4 DOWNLOAD THE MONTHLY REPORT HERE   Text Box:
  CAM Monthly Report (June 2023) V3
Overall, CAM has tracked 912 antisemitic incidents in the first six months of 2023, an average of 5.0 incidents per day, compared to 1026 incidents during the same period in 2022 (5.7 incidents per day). In all of 2022, CAM tallied a daily average of 5.3 antisemitic incidents.   READ MORE   WhatsApp Image 2023-02-14 at 5.56.54 PM
Verdict-1 Robert Bowers Found Guilty by Federal Jury of 2018 Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre
UNHRC-1 UN ‘Commission of Inquiry’ Report Slammed for ‘Slander’ and Against Israel9787271_1_0_980_552_0_x-large In first, EU to Fine Social Media Platforms for Failure to Remove Antisemitic Content

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“Fourth, considering the Ashkenazi Jewish population in relation to other populations, Ashkenazi Jews show the greatest genetic similarity to Sephardi Jews, and, to a lesser extent, to North African Jews (Atzmon and others, 2010; Behar and others, 2010;
Campbell and others, 2012; Kopelman and others, 2009)”

(FROM https://digitalcommons.wayne.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1040&context=humbiol_preprints )

….Do Ashkenazi Jews have a large influx of European Genes from Converts…Yes…are they still Semitic…Mostly Yes, esp. on the fathers side, that has always been where Hebrews trace there Lineage ( Yichus).

Jewish law cares if the Mother is Jewish, Converted or not. But the Tribe comes from the Father. Having an almost 50% admixture of European Genes, mostly on the Maternal side for Ashkenazi Jews, does not make them any less Hebrew.

Consider, Moses, Joshua, Phinehas ( before he was a Cohen), Boaz ( Grandfather of King David), all married ladies who were not Originally of the twelve tribes.

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