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Jon Stewart Tells Great Truth On CNN. USA Is Irregular Right Now

4 replies on “Jon Stewart Tells Great Truth On CNN. USA Is Irregular Right Now”

I think it’s all over. The incompetents at the executive branch are dithering around with impossible-to-sustain econ policy and importing the dregs by the 100 thousand at a clip while the competing powers have lunged ahead to be super-powers (Russia and China).
And the incompetents think they can harangue them into stepping back and letting the US back in the driver’s seat.

Television “news” is entirely avoiding mention of the titanic shift in global power.

I find it hard to fathom ANY politician paying any attention and not knowing that we are being played, intentionally destroyed by an occupying power, that will make the government so disrespcted and hated that any type of “national pride” will be nearly impossible. Exit plans take a higher precedence.

BUTT-justa-Gig might object directly, on-scene from Gigg-a-low Buttery, Icky. As might I! Forgive me for harping — at least I do less damage than chemtrailing augmented by HARPP and its progeny, evident here in Mexico, too– Jon Stewart does his best to shore up a lagging, losing “opposition”. CONsistent with an opinion advanced by Miles Mathis with ample evidentiary support, efforts CONtinue to shore up the failed ship Repugnut.

Growing hairs worth fungiciding — like so many alt-fauxlks — does not a truth-teller make! Heaven’s for Betsy, take a look at all the long-haired, half-ass shaved clowns — some banned from U-Toob, finding their way to “alternative” fonts of wisdom like Bite-shoot — spouting truth hardly ever told! All the pretty, blond nurses and doctors coming up — kind of late in the game, seems to me — with all sorts of reasons why NOT to get jabbed. All the “attorneys” filing law suits destined to go nowhere in the “legal realm”.

We be played, again and again! Enuf! Gives me angina.

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