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AI Makes A Poem About Organic Gardens and the Evil of the WEF

stock here: well its fast, really fast. Somewhat trite, and I could improve these with a little work. AI is a useful tool to create your first draft. I used it to create a Cease and Desist letter, it looks pretty good.

AI loves some words like intertwined, might, light, bright


In the heart of a garden, where life blooms bright, A sanctuary stands against the world’s dark plight,

With organic might, it shields and defends, From the World Economic Forum, their twisted trends.

Young Global Leaders, wrapped in a facade, Macron, Trudeau, steering a misguided charade,

But amidst the green foliage, their influence wanes, For truth and resilience the garden sustains.

Amidst the chaos where farmers and truckers face, The garden offers solace, a haven and embrace,

An abundant haven, where food and hope combine, Against the attacks on those who toil the land, they malign.

The world cries, “Fight carbon!” with misguided might, Yet the garden knows better, it reveals the light,

For carbon, the essence of life’s very core, Is the key to growth, the earth’s blessings to store.

So tend the garden with love, let its roots run deep, Protecting us from falsehoods, we shall keep,

In nature’s embrace, we’ll find our way, Amidst the chaos, hope’s seeds we’ll sow and lay.

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