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Event 201, All We Need Are Fair Elections, We Don’t Need Trump

stock here: Some reading material. He gets much of it correct. But here’s the thing, he wants Trump back in office.

The left uses Trump to create division and hatred, and uses the useful idiot liberals who then suck down all the leftist non-sense, or at least don’t campaign against it.

And here is this….Trump thinks that Zelensky is a “brave man” and that is pretty much all I need to know about the New Trump…..he still doesn’t understand the most important things. The war in Ukraine is for sure funding the commie leftist causes within the USA.

I know I will piss off alot of people by saying that Trump is not a good choice to run for President, he should step back and support the next well like candidate….someone who can swing some Libs too. I imagine JFK jr. would run as an independent but I think he know that would never work anyway.

Dan Bongino, who is an “adoring” Trump fan, is pandering the story that Trump will make better personnel decisions this time….and I don’t buy it. Christopher Wray, anyone? He is still there at the head of the Jan 6 abusing FBI.

Bottom line is — We do not need Trump, we simply need elections that are not corrupted.


———————————– Check out the guy’s substack too

I believed The Deep State was losing its power, but wanted a Republican back in the White House in 2024 to keep up the charade of democracy. I may have been wrong.

They probably want DJT to get the GOP nomination because they feel confident he’ll lose to the “Democratic” nominee. I’m afraid they still wield the majority of power in the USSA.

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When The (Bureaucratic) Deep State squeals about Donald Trump it may be real fear. That’s good for you and me!! I have my work cut out for me updating “America’s Shadow Government” as a result of this…

After brushing up on Trump’s actions I’ve seen enough evidence to vote for him for a third time. In 2016 Americans’ consensus was that we might need a bull in the China shop. He even got a few far-Left votes from the Hitlery haters but lost those in 2020). DJT OVER-DELIVERED.

Hopefully DJT reads “America’s Shadow Government” as he faces an uphill climb to convince American voters he’s for real. Civil liberties proponents better hope it doesn’t prove to be a Sisyphean climb.

The Deep State sure as hell isn’t our ally. Never has been never will be. I would be surprised if many DC bureaucrats wanted a weak military as the ChiComs, AND their sympathizers might.

How could they possibly with American and European defense contractors lining their pockets with blood money? I am referring to DC’s unelected bureaucrats (rats), not ordinary citizens who would prefer more spending on social services.

I would also imagine there are European concerns who would rather have the seat of power in Europe rather than in the US (or at least it’s a possibility). They may not care.

There must be infighting among global “ruling” elites much as there’s confusion among journalists attempting to suss out their relationships. In some instances that interconnectedness may protect us, but does not include the WHO’s “Pandemic” Treaty.*

One would hope these differences among “ruling” elites would be enough to keep us safe, but 9/11 and CoVid suggest otherwise. There doesn’t appear to be so much as a half-assed investigation into the CoVid-19 outbreak. All the public’s left with is the coincidental Event 201 pandemic exercise.

*[The Event 201 exercise conducted by Johns Hopkins, the World Economic Forum (private arm of the UN and WHO [in other words Amerika & the Chinese Communists]), and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation four months PRIOR TO the CoVid-19 outbreak demonstrated an alarming willingness to collaborate in order to reach elitists’ shared agenda.

If there was a natural outbreak of avian flu a few years following Event 201, and our authorities were better equipped to handle it, it would be another matter entirely, but that isn’t what happened. I don’t believe Fauci, Gates, and Schwab were framed. That’s wishful thinking more suitable for fairytales.

Any bets on how long it takes Melinda to remove her name from the foundation (hard to root against a Dallas gal)? I’d be anxious to disassociate from Bill Gates ASAFP. We shouldn’t assume everyone is evil, but I have some serious questions about her ex-husband (tech titan turned vaccine “expert” for Americans who trust government [CIA] media). Lord help us, surely young people are no longer using Facebook (or other social media) as their primary news aggregator. FB is crawling with spooks.]

It’s one cover up after another, and Lord knows what else we are NOT privy to. At least there’s enough dirt on 9/11 and JFK to keep our government under pressure. It’s why they have to censor, distort (spin) and outright lie constantly.

A few parts of this article seem a little redundant to me, but it may help to have sound bites to compliment “America’s Shadow Government”, and for sharing as well. I never intended for my manuscript to become a four hour read. Yikes.

I’ll also do a series of essays beginning with “SECTION NINE” that should clear up some confusion, then I’ll try to hew to chronological order on most subsequent articles when possible while attempting to steer clear of CoVid-19 AND 9/11 in the majority. However, referencing Event 201 was necessary to shed some light on my manuscript (to better clarify its moniker The Deep State). It’s tricky…

The Biden administration is 100% full speed Deep State (without Trump to gum up the works). The Deep State = Amerika = The United Socialist States of Amerika (red shadow government). The Deep State has modeled us after the CCP police state without many Americans realizing it (the CIA has always served The Deep State and is who most Americans receive their news “programming” from).

This is the simplest way to view our government without overcomplicating things.

If these “hostile to democracy” interests are able to cooperate with one another to reach common goals, surely Liberal and Conservative voters can figure out a way to get along and save our country. Most people seem worn out and less likely to argue, so now is as good a time as ever.

I’ll continue to update “America’s Shadow Government”.

It might not be a bad idea to review it occasionally if you learned something from it (I’ve added a ton over the last several weeks). At some point I’ll put it down, but not until it’s as accurate as possible. I’ll need to clear up any doubt regarding DJT and also to simplify my writing on The Deep State if necessary. The majority of information should still be spot on and worthwhile to read.

I will look for updates like today’s readers may miss, and share them as well.

Today’s was important as I have felt the confusion many voters have felt (Trump supporters and non-supporters alike). I’d love to hear Trump continually spell out, in as presidential a manner as possible, why he’s the right man to lead America out of darkness. Let’s go DJT!!!!

The point of my writing is to reach a significant minority of Liberals in order to reform our government nonviolently, not to create another rightwing feedback loop (those are a dime a dozen, but are also a critical part of our support networks). If you enjoy these essays, please share them with your Liberal friends and family.

Long term we miraculously need to get Trump re-elected. I don’t believe that’s possible without a significant minority of Liberals and Independents voting for him. We have a little over a year to reach what remains of the Left who also cherish our civil liberties. There’s bound to be a few.

Young Liberals will turn out in droves to vanquish Trump a second time and also to vote for student loan forgiveness. We must get out in front of the young AND dumb (lacking life experience) onslaught. Most of us were young and dumb once so this isn’t a personal attack.

Is there any reason Conservatives can’t offer student loan forgiveness (other than the fact most are Neo-Cons and RINOs who support Biden’s Deep State agenda)? The GOP must adopt a do whatever it takes to win mentality if Republicans are in fact for real. I haven’t seen anything in recent years to suggest that they are. All I see is them rolling over again and again. Shaking their fists but not taking action like bad Kabuki theater.

With Biden in office there is NO ONE to slow down The Deep State (who many suspect facilitated the John F. Kennedy assassination as well as the 9/11 attacks through its use of the CIA).

[“Heed Truman’s Call to Rein in the CIA” – Peter Fenn (link pending):

Peter Fenn’s article was written two years before Trump took office.

As you can see, The Deep State has turned a monster (the CIA) loose on the American people.]

If Trump is re-elected he must show more Deep State bureaucrats like James Comey (Blinken and Nuland) no mercy, and fire them as quickly as possible. Unelected appointees were very harmful to Donald Trump’s presidency as well as to we the people’s individual freedoms. They must be fired for the American experiment to survive and thrive. That’s something every American should want.

I will post another article in a few days regarding Trump’s non-renewal of The “Patriot” Act’s Section 215. It would be much better if he had said “for the people” rather than “for Russiagate” (himself). Maybe he did? I’ve also heard the “Biden” administration (Deep State) is pressuring the courts to rule in favor of free speech “controls” or “limitations”. I’ll do some research before I publish.

Additional mission objectives covered in “America’s Shadow Government” include Doctors, Hollywood, Law Enforcement, Military, NBA, and Writers standing up to what’s fast becoming the Amerikan (USSA) establishment. There is great strength in numbers.

I never planned on writing, but let’s hope these revelations and some elbow grease and duct tape can turn this ship around…

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