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Strokes Are Up 127% in the UK. Damaging Effects of mRNA+ Are Long Lasting

stock here: This is as expected. Note that these are “clearances” aka Approval of Personal Pensions to the disabled. These are the ones that lived, there are many more that died.

I made this chart from all the data.

Check my source documents if you have the wherewithal to data crunch.


Are we seeing “Turbo Cancers”? Prior average 2800, new average 4000. Disabling Cancers, so I would say Turbo.

Psychiatric — went from 9000 to 24000. Keep in mind these are not just people seeking treatment, these are people newly disabled.

Neurological: Note how additional Vaccine Boosters all but stopped at beginning of 2022, but the disabilities continued “strong” and even accelerating.

This is the only category that just went up and did not skyrocket

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