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AI Generated Earthquake Data Downloader

stock here. AI ChatGDP does a good job of writing first drafts of whatever you want, even basic research.

I tried Youbuild.AI and was hoping to get an executable file that did it all. Not quite, not close….but it did come up with a rational plan to obtain the data

an app that downloads that last weeks earthquake data from the USGS website and transfers the data into CVS format and make a separate worksheet with all the deep earthquakes over 300km, and all the large earthquake over 5.7 magnitude

Here is what I asked it, and below is what it generated.


First, log into the USGS website and select the link entitled ‘Earthquake Data.’

Next, select the option to ‘Display Data’ and then click ‘Submit.’

Then select ‘Export Data’ dropdown menu and choose ‘CSV’ as the format.

Next, select ‘Last Week’ as the ‘Time’ option and click ‘Submit’.

Once the data is displayed, click ‘Download File.’

Once the data has been downloaded, open the CSV file.

Using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, create a separate worksheet.
new worksheet, use the data downloaded from the USGS website to create a table with the following columns: Magnitude, Depth, Region, and Time.

Next, use the filter function to filter out all earthquakes with a magnitude less than 5.7 and a depth greater than 300km.

Finally, save the worksheet as an Excel (.xlsx) or CSV file.

Your table is now ready to be used!

—————————————————- They give you a list of other apps that people have built. Looks like AI hates Trump.

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