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I haven’t been visiting this great writer, but visited today. Please visit his site directly, I imagine in the next round of censorship, he will be gone. His truth is far too direct, and he calls out all the bullshit. SO I hope he doesn’t mind that I copy his entire text for prosperity, and because I will do a full backup on my site, it’s like 160 GB, every month.

Sunday.. AND therefore time once again for my weekend rant..

Yes, I am back.. I had to take the entire last week off just to get some much needed rest and take the time to recharge and try to have some time for myself to actually enjoy my retirement… It was well worth it and yes I barely went on my trusty iMAC at all for the entire week.. I did ‘cheat’ once in a while by going online and reading a few reports about what was happening in our very sick world very late at night just to ‘keep up’ with events happening everywhere..

Well.. We now can clearly see that the maniacs in charge are going to push their 100% fraudulent ‘Climate Change’ agenda as the lunatics in charge had the ungawdly nerve a few days ago to declare that the world was now in a state of ‘boiling’… When I read that nonsense I could only shake my head in disgust knowing that so many of the simple minded morons out there will actually believe this incredibly stupid and idiotic statement.. I will state it clearly here that this planet is ABSOLUTELY NOT BOILING and we have no fear of an impending doom and gloom thanks to what these morons claim is ‘runaway heating’..

And yes, we have the lying whore media outlets with their ‘weather reports’ where they use a phenomenal amount of ‘red’ in their climate pictures.. As I stated before, the criminals pushing this ‘Climate Change’ fraud know EXACTLY what to use for psychological effect as the simplistic minds of the gullible out there are quickly to associate the colour Red with ‘warning’ or ‘alert’.. Thus they are using RED colour specifically to show ‘high temperatures’ in nearly ALL weather maps to create the false fear and panic in the most stupid amongst us..

And here is a reality check.. IT IS SUMMER up here in the northern hemisphere and lo and behold, but the temperatures are hot out there.. Well, duh, is that not to be expected with this being the season for such temperatures? And about those ‘high temperatures’ in the lower United States and elsewhere? Well two things come to mind, with one being the movement of the jet stream across North America that has ‘bowed’ and has not allowed proper cooling to the southwestern part of the US while at the same time that bowing has caused a massive amount of RAIN to fall along the American and Canadian east coast along the Atlantic Ocean… This does happen from time to time and is not suddenly a ‘new phenomena’ that we should all be fearful of at all…

And what is not even talked about in terms of this most fraudulent ‘Climate Change’ push is the FACT that the southern hemisphere of this planet is going through WINTER time with some cases of extreme cold along the most southerly latitudes… Southern Australia has had intensive cold as a prime example… AND I saw several reports in fact last week that several bases in Antarctica have experienced RECORD or near record LOW TEMPERATURES! Yes, so much for this ‘climate change’ bullshit indeed…

Many may still be asking ‘why’? Why this push for ‘climate change’ at all? Well again, duh, but is this not one of the platforms being used by these criminals in charge to push us all into so much unwarranted fear that we will blindly accept enslavement for our future? Heck, I have seen reports over the last few weeks that show that these monsters in charge are using this ‘Climate Change’ bullshit to push for the implementation of their World Wide system of permanent enslavement through a digital currency or CBDC scheme… When I see this being on the agenda, I have to ask HOW exactly a digital currency has anything to do with Climate Change at all? Enquiring minds do want to know, obviously…. And sadly, thanks to the sheer stupidity and ignorance of the SHEEP out there, most mutton head and brain dead will blindly accept their enslavement simply because they will believe that it is for the ‘good of the planet’!

Well… One of the things that I did last week during my short ‘vacation’ was to take a lot of walks and get out there and exercise more… And during my excursions, I continued to do some careful observations of the MUTANTS out there that have so stupidly and so gullibly taken so many doses of those KILL SHOTS into their bodies… And what I continue to observe is so many now not even acting like human beings any more… Yes, so many are now so rude, ignorant, and obnoxious, and do not even behave like sensible people, and in so many cases I can clearly chalk it all up to the fact that their brains are being destroyed by the antigen Spike Proteins utterly destroying their brain cells….

One shocking report that I did read just a few days ago was the report that an ‘estimated’ one in 35 people that have taken the KILL SHOTS now have a form of MYOCARDITIS that could lead to their early deaths due to Heart failure… But when I read that report, I could not help but to think about how this is only an ‘estimate’ and considering how the medical reports about death and illness due to taking these KILL SHOTS is only about 5-10% of the REAL picture (The VAERS data is a prime example), I can safely say that this 1 in 35 figure is extremely low… The REAL figure if we take the best estimate of being 10% accurate is probably at LEAST 1 in 3…..

And yes, even some real medical professionals like Doctor McCullough in the US, have stated that anywhere from 30-70% of those who have taken viable KILL SHOTS into their bodies now have a form of heart damage associated with the never ending production of antigen Spike Proteins in their own cells… Thus the majority of those who have taken a ‘viable’ amount of KILL SHOTS are now ‘ticking time bombs’ with a much shortened life expectancy, and since there is still NO WAY of changing their own cells back into ‘human’ many will indeed be dying very soon due to heart failure thanks to their own ignorance…

I also had a short conversation last week with one of my ‘contacts’ in the medical profession here in Manitoba, and she stated that she has never seen the amount of Cancer cases just filling the local hospitals to the brim in her entire life… And as I said before in so many articles, these Cancer cases are NOT minor cases which usually can be ‘treatable’ but are in fact TURBO Cancer cases where the tumours are enormous and breaking out all over the patients’ bodies… And yes, nearly ALL of these new cases of Cancer, as she also informed me, are TERMINAL cases where there is no hope for the patient at all….

It is so obvious now as to WHY we are seeing such a massive explosion of Cancer cases world wide, as they are absolutely 100% linked the KILL SHOTS and what they are doing to the human body… It is now known that the transfection process of turning HUMAN cells into MUTANT cells actually removes several key genes in the human genome including the 1P36 protein strain that has been known to be a key factor in giving cells the ability to fight off Cancer… That and we are now aware that these ghouls that developed these KILL SHOTS absolutely included the SV40 foreign protein in their designs as SV40 derived from African green monkey tissue has long been known to be a promoter of Cancer AND was absolutely part of the infamous POLIO ‘vaccinations’ program of the 1950’s and 1960’s that caused a massive amount of Cancer in the 1970’s through to 2000…. These bastards absolutely knew what they were doing, as they purposely added the SV40 foreign protein into the KILL SHOT design to make sure that if the victims did not get MYOCARDITIS, PERICARDITIS, or severe autoimmune disorders, from taking these lethal injections, they were nearly guaranteed to come down with CANCER instead.. And with the removal of the vital genes in their cells to combat Cancer, those forms of CANCER would be severe aka ‘turbo cancer’ and ultimately kill the victim…

One email came to me earlier this week saying that I was ‘wrong’ about there being a ‘cure’ for the effects of these KILL SHOTS, as he said I should do research into ‘NATTOKINASE’… Well, I have indeed done my research into ‘NATTOKINASE’ and yes, it does do wonders in suppressing and possibly removing so much of the SPIKE PROTEINS out of those out there that were stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS… HOWEVER, and this is the key here, ‘NATTOKINASE’ is a CHEMICAL and does not solve the root problem which is the GENETIC mutation caused by the transfection process to the victims’ cells… Yes, you can take all the ‘NATTOKINASE’ you want and hopefully good luck to you in having it flush out some of the SPIKE PROTEINS out of your bodies.. But the fact is that you would have to take chemicals such as NATTOKINASE and so many others for the cellular production of SPIKE PROTEINS is never ending once the cells are transfected into becoming permanent Spike Protein manufacturing plants.. The ONLY real ‘cure’ would be a reverse transfection process at a genetic level that would ‘reverse’ the entire process and restore cells to ‘human’… But of course the psychopaths behind this program never intended for there to be a real ‘cure’ for these KILL SHOTS and their effects, as all they ever wanted is to see BILLIONS around the world DEAD!

And yes, I have had emails and comments sent my way saying that I was ‘wrong’ about there being a massive genocide world wide as it has not happened.. yet…. I say to those naysayers to ‘wait for it’ for obviously the ghouls behind this program did not want everyone to die suddenly as such a massive sudden death would obviously alert everyone to the fact that this is indeed a program of world wide genocide.. Thus they purposely released a number of different ‘batches’ of doses of their KILL SHOTS to their victims… In some cases, some got either some ‘placebos’ or ‘weaker’ doses of these genocidal jabs, while others got the ‘full’ dose…. The effect is what we are seeing now where some have died already while others are on the ‘slow death’ watch as their bodies are slowly being destroyed by the slow build up of Spike Proteins….Thus we will be seeing the BILLIONS that are estimated to be dying, die very slowly but surely over the next few years…. And yes, the more doses a retard out there takes into their bodies, the faster that certain death comes… And again, there is NO CURE for these weapons of mass death, as the only real ‘cure’ would be to never take these KILL SHOTS in the first place..

Well, the ‘war’ in Ukraine continues, and YES and so unexpected even to myself, the psychopaths in Kiev decided that rather than pull back and actually stop their insane attacks against the well prepared Russian defensive lines in the Donbas region, they instead sent even MORE forces into more failed ‘offenses’ last week with the same results we have seen now in nearly 60 days of fighting; huge losses of men and material, and nearly ZERO gains…..

Lets not kid ourselves here.. The lying whore media outlets are still falsely proclaiming that Ukraine is ‘winning’ this conflict against Russia, AND sadly so many of the gullible and stupid out there actually believe such nonsense… I saw it for myself last week when I ran into someone that I had not seen in some time (actually before the entire SCAMDEMIC crap started…) and we had a long discussion to catch up on what we have been doing over the last nearly 4 years… When I said to him that the Ukrainian war against Russia was indeed a lost cause and that Ukraine should have negotiated a peace deal back in April 2022 which they had intended to do until the US and NATO interfered and pushed the Kiev puppet regime to keep fighting instead, he gave me that ‘deer in headlights’ look and just said to me ‘Where the hell are you getting your information from?’… I told him that I got it from the alternative media outlets as the mainstream media reports were false and could never be trusted as accurate….. He then went on a tirade about how what I was reading was nothing more than ‘conspiracy theory’ and that I was being given false information.. At that point, I asked where he gets his information from? His response just floored me as he replied ‘Well, I trust what CNN and other news outlets state as fact’! YES, there are indeed so many out there just as ignorant and gullible as this fool…. After a short while, I said I had to go, and left it at that.. It is obvious that you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try….

In terms of the present situation in Ukraine? Well, my statements made in so many previous articles still stands today as UKRAINE HAS LOST THIS CONFLICT and should be suing for peace rather than continue to throw away their forces in useless and bloody charges against the well disciplined and very well trained Russian forces….The facts are that Ukraine has lost in the neighbourhood of some 60000+ men and thousands of pieces of military hardware in the last 60 days alone, and has gained next to nothing in terms of actual territory in the Donbas. There has been NO ‘breakthroughs’ period, and all we are seeing is a few ‘tactical bridgeheads’ that are nothing of the sort and are of no strategic value…..And what the Russians have done in fact is continue to allow the Ukrainians to be slaughtered along the southwestern flank of the entire Donbas front, while on the northeastern flank, the Russian forces are now clearly on the offensive and have NOTHING in terms of Ukrainian defences any where to stop them from marching west into the key city of KHARKOV…. Basically Ukraine is finished, as they have nothing left to stop the Russians at all….. It is only through the sheer belligerence and stupidity of the psychopaths in Kiev, the US, and NATO, that this insane fighting continues which will only see many more thousands of Ukrainians dead……

Well… I honestly want to get onto my last minute tidbits at this point, as I will be back with regular reports at this blog starting tomorrow.. But in the meantime, I do want to tackle one serious piece of sheer nonsense that continues to rear its ugly head from time to time and that is this ‘flat earth stupidity’…. Over part of this last week, I have received some emails from my colleagues in America and Canada, that had attachments to articles pushing the flat earth retardation, and I could not even believe that so many of them would actually fall for that clear stupidity….

This is a PLANET and not some flying pizza, as there is no way an object the size of Earth could ever maintain a flat disc configuration as its own gravity would pull it into a ball shape like every other planet in our solar system…. And the fact that this planet has volcanoes, a huge magnetic field, and actual measured planetary curvature, clearly shows that it is in no way shape or form a ‘flying disc’ as the retards pushing flat Earth so stupidly continue to claim…. As a man of REAL science, I had dismissed ‘flat earth’ a very long time ago, and I reject anyone who still proclaims such stupidity as fact…. And for those ‘flat earth’ retards that want to try to push their comments and stupidity my way, I can only say to go away and go elsewhere.. NTS is no fool and will never succumb to such idiocy…

OK, Onto my last minute tidbits…. As I have said so many times before, all of this most criminal Biden crime family reports will go absolutely NO WHERE, as the Commies in charge are just laughing in the faces of nearly ALL Americans right now and will do nothing in terms of removing that psychotic mentally deranged psychopathic pant-shitting pedophile from the Presidency until THEY decide his usefulness to their plans for the destruction of America has run its course.

The only way things will ever change in America is through a NEW and much needed armed revolution, but considering how pussified and brain dead most Americans are these days, good luck to that happening any time soon…….And about the ‘circus’ of the American 2024 US Presidential race? AGAIN good luck to my American friends and patriots out there, as none of those ‘candidates’ are any good to the republic, as each and every one of the ‘star candidates’ have a shit load of ‘skeletons’ in their closets.

Heck, even the ‘front runner’ in the entire mess, former President Donald Drumpf is not only a ‘crypto Jew’ (Yes, his ancestry is riddled with Jewish blood..) but so few forget that HE was not only a supreme Jew butt kisser when he was President, but was also the one who forced over 100 MILLION Americans to take the KILL SHOTS through his ‘operation warp speed’ causing so many to be sick and dying today.

Thus do not look for any of these crooks to change anything in 2024 at all, as America is headed to the ashes of history unless true patriots save the failing republic itself….. The American southern border continues to be wide open to INVADERS who have no other purpose but to accelerate the downfall of the once great American republic.

And not only are these third world sewer rats nothing but a scourge on a society, but apparently they are heavily diseased as well as there are now reports about a new outbreak of diseases such as Tuberculosis that can be directly attributed to these diseased filth flowing into the American nation. The time to close the borders is now and every useless piece of trash that has already come into America must be found and if useless to the nation sent packing back to the hell hole he or she came from….The ‘war’ in Syria continues to heat up, as this last week we see reports of US aircraft that are illegally flying in Syrian air space, having ‘close encounters’ with RUSSIAN air craft that are legally allowed to fly over Syria.

The US has also had the nerve to ‘warn’ the Russians about these encounters, somehow thinking that they are legally allowed to fly anywhere over Syria when they absolutely have NO RIGHTS. I do think that this is intentional by the US who would surely love to see the Russians and Syrians shoot down one of their illegally flying aircraft as a premise to have a new ‘shooting war’ in Syria itself…….The psycho state of Israel is basically in a state of ‘civil war’ right now, as the citizens have turned against the psychopathic Miliekowsky AKA ‘Netanyahu’ government. I for one would love to see that entire fraud nation tear itself apart and collapse, as again they have NO RIGHT to the land that they are illegally occupying and have been nothing more than a poison to the entire planet.

Good riddance to bad rubbish indeed……No new updates in that long and continuing ‘war’ down at the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula in Yemen. There continues to be an uneasy ‘ceasefire’ between the Saudi invaders and the Houthi forces, as each side continues to try to find a way to sit down and hammer out a legitimate and long lasting peace deal. While this is happening the Yemeni civilian population continues to starve to death, which is the real tragedy of this entire conflict…..Over in Africa, not many reports over the last while about the ‘civil war’ in Sudan, which of course was caused 100% by America itself.

Thousands continue to die, in what is clearly another example of American interference, as all this is because the Khartoum government was negotiating trade deals with the Russian Federation….. And yes, Russia did indeed invite African nations to a conference in St Petersburg last week, where Putin’s government not only hammered out some trade deals with those nations in attendance, but has also forgiven nearly 23 BILLION dollars of debt owed to Russia as well. This shows statesmanship by Putin who wants to trade with Africa, unlike the US and the EU that steal and plunder African nations instead…….And we have the news about an overthrow of the EU and US puppet regime in the west African nation of MALI just a few days ago, and now the US and the EU wanting to sanction that new government to try to force the new government out and put back in their own puppet in charge.

So why Mali of all places? Simple really as MALI is mineral rich especially in GOLD deposits, which the EU and the US have exploited for decades…….Up here in Canada, that sickening WEF minion and pedophile in charge, Justin ‘I really love to get my rocks off in 12 year old girls’ Turd-deau continues to try to keep a ‘low profile’ these days in the hope that the Canadian people are gullible and stupid enough to forget about his very long list of corruption and damage done to the Canadian nation, in the hope that most will most stupidity re-select his filthy ways in an upcoming ‘election’! The only news was about a ‘cabinet shuffle’ of moving so many of his corrupt deputies around like deck chairs on the RMS Titanic, just to cover for their own corrupt ways.

Canada does deserve so much better than this garbage, but considering how brain dead most Canadians are, these criminals are not going anywhere soon……And speaking of CANADA, there are so few asking what Canada will do when those 40+ nations around the world launch their alternative to the US dollar as their reserve currency later next month as part of the BRICS initiative? Well, considering how much Canada is tied to the US, when the US dollar does collapse as it should, I can easily see the Canadian dollar nose dive as well and cause considerable damage to the Canadian economy.

The saving grace for Canada is how this nation is still very mineral rich with so many untapped resources that so many other nations will need once BRICS takes full effect…….About that ‘incident’ over in Massachusetts last week where former US president , Barry Soetero’s ‘chef’ was found dead from drowning, when supposedly he was a good swimmer? Well, considering how Barry is as queer as a steer,

I can see this being a ‘lover’s quarrel’ where ‘big Mike’ aka Michael Robinson aka ‘Michelle’ got into a fight with that chef and very possibly killed him. I seriously doubt that scrawny Barry did this deed. And obviously these two freaks covered this murder by tossing the body into the Atlantic and claim that he ‘drowned’ as the cause of death. And of course these two psychopaths will get away with this murder, like so many high ranking US officials always do…….

Yes, ‘Woke-ism’ is dying across the world, thankfully. But now the agenda has shifted to this ‘ hate whitey’ or ‘KILL whitey’ sickness where Caucasians are being targeted, and in so many cases randomly, by third world garbage and especially blacks, just for being WHITE! But is this not the JEWISH criminal agenda of seeing the white race destroyed and using the blacks as the gullible foot soldiers of that destruction? It is time for the blacks and other ‘minorities’ to wake up and see that they are being played as suckers by these master criminals and that whites are not their enemy at all……

So let me get this straight. They just ‘ found’ an illegal Chinese run bioweapons laboratory outside of Fresno California, and so few are asking the big questions as to HOW and WHY that is even there in the first place? This is very serious, especially with the discovery that this laboratory was working on new ‘covid’ strains! There must be answers to this puzzle, and I will be keeping tabs over the next while to get the real truth out to readers……

I again highly recommend people watch the ‘Sound of Freedom’ movie, that in spite of naysayers does expose a very dark side of America, especially how Pedophilia and Child ABUSE/Abductions are rampant across the failing republic today. And it is no wonder the US ‘government’ is so against this movie, as it exposes the dark side of so many politicians whom they themselves are pedophiles and have horrible child abuse skeletons in their own closets…….And in terms of the ‘strike’ that is still going on in that sickness called ‘HOLLYWOOD’ or what I properly call ‘JEWLY WOOD’, I say let the whole criminal enterprise come crashing down and collapse. We as a society are far better off without their garbage ‘movies’ and ‘shows’ that promote perversions and sickness to the general public.

Just die, already and let’s return to a truly wholesome society……Women’s World Cup continues in New Zealand and Australia, and in spite of the sparse crowds in so many venues, the matches have been pretty good. I still want to see ANYONE other than that group of bull dyke lesbians in the US ‘national team’ win it all……..Nothing new in terms of those useless morons in the circus of that Meaghan and former ‘Prince’ Harry shit show, thankfully. MAYBE these two useless parasites on society are finally getting the hint that nobody wants to hear their whining and complaining, and they may finally realize that they need real lives and REAL jobs for a change……..

And finally, in the never ending circus and shit show called ‘Kardashian’ not much ‘news’ other than seeing NBA player Tristan Thompson move in with skank Khloe last week. My question is of course WHY Tristan would subject himself to this brain dead loser who will only destroy him like so many other Kardashian skanks have done to other men as well? Such is the state of our society when these foul skanks, sluts, and misfits, are considered part of the ‘elite’ when in reality they contibute NOTHING to humanity at all….

More to come

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