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Salmon in Alaska in Short Supply — Long Term Effects of Fukushima on the Krill Population

Submitted by Lot’s Wife.

I watch the Bears on Video from Saved from disappearing down the memory hole.  There are very few Salmon jumping the Brooks Falls.


Here is some of the best of 2022 bear season

Here one of the “River Watch”


Climate change hysteria or Fukushima? 

What’s never discussed when salmon disappear?

The dog that didn’t bark.https://web.archive.org/web/20170522141117/http://enenews.com/report-hundreds-of-millions-of-pacific-salmon-missing-presumed-dead-govt-issues-emergency-order-along-us-west-coast-japan-suffering-historic-collapse-fish-starving-to-death-all-forms-of/comment-page-1#comments

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