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List of 7 Clear Evidences of Election Cheating

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Ron DeSantis Effectively Ends His Race for President – Says “Theories” by Donald Trump about 2020 Election Being Stolen Were “Unsubstantiated” – Here’s a List of Illegal-Illicit Acts of Fraud and Cheating in 2020 Election

by Jim HoftAug. 4, 2023 8:20 pm1144 Comments

According to a FOX News poll in December 2021, 78% of Republicans believed the 2020 election was stolen.

At least 70% of Republican voters still believe Joe Biden’s win was illegitimate, according to a recent poll this week by far-left CNN.

In January 2022, only 17% of Republicans and right-leaning independent voters said they would vote for a candidate that believes Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis said that the theories by President Trump about the 2020 election being stolen were “unsubstantiated.”

Ron’s run for president is effectively over. What a sad, embarrassing campaign this was for the popular Florida governor.

From New York Times:

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida said that claims about the 2020 election being stolen were false, directly contradicting a central argument of former President Donald J. Trump and his supporters.

The comments went further than Mr. DeSantis typically goes when asked about Mr. Trump’s defeat. The governor has often tried to hedge, refusing to acknowledge that the election was fairly conducted. In his response on Friday, Mr. DeSantis did not mention Mr. Trump by name — saying merely that such theories were “unsubstantiated.” But the implication was clear.

“All those theories that were put out did not prove to be true,” Mr. DeSantis said in response to a reporter’s question after a campaign event at a brewery in Northeast Iowa.

The Mainstream Media continues to promote the lie that the 2020 Presidential Election was the most secure election ever.  This was clearly not the case.  Here are ten examples from the 2020 Presidential Election showing it was stolen.

1. Before the 2020, Election Drop Boxes were inserted into the election process in multiple states.  These were unconstitutional.

But these vehicles were never legally addressed in multiple states’ constitutions.  Wisconsin’s Republican Speaker Robin Vos was behind these drop boxes in his state and he pushed them in multiple other states as well.


2. Absentee ballots for any reason were unconstitutionally allowed in multiple states. 

In Pennsylvania, the courts just ruled that allowing absentee ballots for almost any reason is against the state’s constitution.  This was the manner in which absentee ballots were cast in Pennsylvania in the 2020 Election.


3. Republican and independent observers were not allowed into the polling places across the nation. 


4. Republicans were not allowed in vote counting centers in key major cities following the election. 

In Detroit, Republican poll watchers were kicked out of the Center to cheat from those counting the ballots.  In Philadelphia, Republicans were not allowed in the Center where vote counting was taking place.  Even Democrats spoke out about this.


5. There were multiple states where President Trump was way ahead on Election night.  Then the counting was shut down for some reason.  Then hundreds of thousands of ballots for Joe Biden were inserted into the election. 

By morning hundreds of thousands of ballots showed up for Joe Biden giving him the lead in these states.


6. This was followed by “The Drop and Roll” where ALL remaining vote additions were presented in perfect ratio of Biden and Trump votes.  This has NEVER been explained and completely ignored by the media.

After the “drops” of ballots on Election Night, the ballots recorded from that day forward were all proportionally reported for the candidates giving Joe Biden the same percent lead in nearly every ballot drop.

7. Legally required chain of custody documentation is missing across multiple states.

In these states where the chain of custody documentation is missing, the election results should never have been certified.


No professional of integrity can look at the massive amount of evidence from the 2020 Election and honestly say it was a fair election.  

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