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Biden — Review by Viva Frei and Garrett Ziegler

Submitted by Flying Cuttlefish

2 replies on “Biden — Review by Viva Frei and Garrett Ziegler”

And this is what the woke left pretends…..the big guy is kicking butt

Hunter Biden does not pass laws.
Hunter Biden does not fight crime.
Hunter Biden does not lower taxes.
Hunter Biden does not create policy.
Hunter Biden is not a politician.
Hunter Biden was not elected.
Hunter Biden does not even work anywhere near the White House.

So WHY are so many Republicans spending countless hours and so many taxpayer dollars obsessed with Hunter Biden?

If your answer is “corruption” but you completely ignore the $2 BILLION DOLLARS Jared Kushner got from the Saudis, or the $640 million he and Ivanka racked up from their White House gig, then you’re not a serious person.

You’re only focused on Hunter Biden because President Biden is kicking ass and you have NOTHING else.

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