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Proof The Maui Fire was “Something Special”

Arson, for Sure. Directed Energy Weapons Likely. I submit my proof.

This cars wheels are gone. Aluminum melts at 1200F, and its alloys all melt at higher temperature.

The carbon Steel Fender is part gone. Those melt at 2600 to 2800 F.

Forest fires are usually around 1200F, and can get to 1472F, and in a blast furnace wind and dense fuel could even get up to 2000F but very unlikely.

I used AI to improve an image from a drive-by video. The truck is burnt up, the windshield is out, and the driver window is out. Very hot temperatures, but the wood picket fence just feet away is not even smoke damaged.

How in God’s name was there enough combustion here to toast all these vehicles? And look at the tangle of tree with green leaves…..seriously?

This borders on absurd and look how they are parked! On the curb!

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Wow that one was already removed by the uploader….did you download or put on bitchute. These ones that are forced off the air will be “over the target”

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