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In The Great Maui Conflagration — There Were No Warning Sirens, No Public Notice of Any Sort

stock here: We observed them in the process of knowingly killing millions of people, with every tool in the book….Fear, loneliness, lack of proper treatment, abuse, lies, confusion, division, and lets not forget the Ventilators, and finally the Injections.

So it should be no surprise to further push their leftist agenda, to pretend “climate” that they would be willing to destroy a town and kill a hundred or more. And it appears that the local government was in on the plan too, as they issued no warnings, no sirens, no text messages….everyone with an (808) area code got a warning in the #FaF incoming nuclear bomb event. The system is in place, why was it not used.

The F.Cuttlefish sent this in:

Like many in the area, Pam said, her family did not hear a siren warning them to evacuate.


‘There Were No Alerts, There Was No Emergency Sounds’: Maui Resident Who Lost Everything In Fires


Maui Food Bank


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