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Disaster Capitalism — Create a Crisis — and Then Solve It With Control Grab and Build Back Better

stock here: Also noted Oprah, large land owner (pun intended) on Maui, wants to see how things shake out…before offering help, i.e. taking a chunk of Lahaina and new business and building development.

Hawaii was “so good” with COVID lockdown and crushing of small businesses….they get rewarded with being the test chamber for NWO…digital everything, “Managing the Constituent Experience” (i.e. herding your slaves).


Here is one of the swamp creatures…”Jimmie”?????

Featured Speaker – Digital Transformation for Government: The Future is Now

The world of government technology is shifting by the day. The need for Dynamic Digital Transformation and unlocking the power of emerging technologies like AI and IoT is the future

The government of Hawaii states goal for rebuild is to make the entire island of Maui the first Smart ISLAND. They want the entire island governed by AI as outlined in the Hawaii Digitial government summit of 2023 that they have planned to host next month Monday, September 25, 2023 on Maui.

Plans to implement a Digital AI government over Hawaii


Here is information about the smart cities Hawaii





“Hitachi recently announced that it has begun operations on the demonstration site for the “Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project” (commonly referred to as the “JUMPSmartMaui”) on the island of Maui, Hawaii, in collaboration with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Cyber Defense Institute, Inc. An opening ceremony was held on Maui to coincide with the launch of site operations.”


Last January of 2023 there was a Smart City Conference in Maui to turn Maui in an entire smart city ISLAND. Pushing everything electric and making 15 minute smart cities

Lastly there was a contract last year that was signed to build high rise condos and businesses in Lahaina.. which was a historical town that couldn’t have any new development done to it.. but now? It can.

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