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One Photo That It Everything You Need to Know About The Maui Fires

Pure Aluminum melts at 1200F, Aluminum Alloys melt above that. Both could be melted by a strong wildfire.

A normal wildfire can be 900F and up to 1200F. In my fireplace, burning dry super dense, 2 year aged Oak, I see up to 550F off the heat exchanger, so the real fire is hotter. But there is no air injection. An amazing forest fire could top at 2000F, not enough to melt steel, which melts around 2600F.

Now let’s talk shop for a while…as an Automotive Engineer and Material Scientist, we have watched many trends….replacing Steel with Aluminum. The easiest to replace is the hood, and trunk lid. In an accident, they need 4 to 12 bolts to removed and replace with the new part. Fenders and Quarter panels are much more costly to replace.

In the above image, even if the hood or fender was aluminum, it would not “go away” in a straight curved line.

Final photo, that cannot be easily explained: Boom. Its the downtown district of Lahaina.

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