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Maui Fire — JP and the Darkhorse Analyze

The Maui Fire starts at 4:00 in the JP video

Bret, there are more questions to ask. Generally people are not convinced that this was just a climate change level fire. Like: if there was a tsunami, where was the rain? Which direction was the wind blowing and which way did the fire burn? Did the city have mandated smart meters? Do smart meters cause houses to burn? Why did wheels disintegrate buy trees remain green? Why were trees burning from inside out? Why did people in the fire tell their skin was popping from the inside? How were the boats all burning? Why did the fires stop where the fancy homes started? Doesn’t an inept government cover up nefarious deeds (see Covid-19 government ineptitude that was acknowledged years later as “stuff we need to learn for the next one.”)

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