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Alec Baldwin — Trump Hater — Liberal That “Felt” The Gun Was Unloaded — An Authority Told Him It Wasn’t Loaded

stock here — I am sure you have heard this story, it sure is odd. Is it also part of the gun control agenda? Would they murder one of their own, of course they would, but in this case, I don’t think they knew it would result in a death.

“Blanks” shot at point blank distance, could be dangerous, would be. But then I heard she was 20′ away, and it hit someone else too. Very odd, as whenever a narrative is being spun.

Now Baldwin maybe charged iwth Manslaughter, and he should be. The NUMBER ONE RULE when someone hands you a gun, is you open the chamber and check for any type of cartridge. This is the most basic of gun handling. And you NEVER trust what someone else tells you, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

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